Keep your nose to the wind: how to score on the stress

As one wise man: «Each of us fucked up your own happiness!» I just love this sentence: it very accurately describes the essence of the problem. We create our suffering in a vacuum,thus reacting to the stress. In fact, different people react to different situations in completely different ways, and you sincerely wonder why he is happy or excited about a particular event, heart, the man don’t? One man got divorced, he literally destroyed by this fact, man drinks, smokes, eats very little and is frankly broken. But another man is also divorced and slid into sad shit: the same goes, says the same thing, maybe a little darker. This does not mean that the first man loved his wife, and the second does not. They have a different perception of the problem. Here this depends on how you deal with a particular difficulty in your life. So I thought and made for you a few tips on how to score on the stress and not disgrace myself. Sometimes not obvious, they really work one hundred percent.

1. Watch your words

As quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary stress in your life, eliminate the root cause — ambiguity. Say what you mean, you don’t need to get out, don’t need to tell half-truths — nobody appreciates it. Give up fuzzy concepts and outright negativity, not bykuy, don’t go looking for conflict. The Council say what I think on the one hand, good. Honesty is the key to success. But if you truly love a person, to tell him to his face that he’s a dick, not be the best thing, especially when it depends on something important in your life. So watch your words — it’s more reasonable advice that always works.

Don’t tell half-truths and don’t say gossip — all this will harm not only your reputation, but also self-esteem, coupled with some internal compass that is called «Who am I? And where am I?»

2. Don’t make assumptions

Our world is replete with assumptions. We actively use nonverbal communication and try to see in it a hidden meaning, which is seen in the words of your interlocutor. We assume other people know what we think about them, and very surprised when the girl neither sleep nor snout does not know he is secretly with her. We make conclusions based on their own intuition, sometimes not even close to suggesting that our intuitions can be wrong, and violently wrong. After all, what is intuition? This kind of feeling that has no evidence, except: «I think so». But things are not always as they seem, so don’t compel yourself that you have the answers to all the questions. If you don’t understand something or feel insecure about whether something is clear, just ask.

3. Don’t take things to heart

We constantly forget that the world does not revolve around us. Solipsism is the most stupid philosophical current in the world, even if it seems pointless, but still he has many followers who do not even know that they are solipsists. If your partner, friend or boss to get upset and look sad enough to automatically assume that negative sentiment is a reflection of what you did. Maybe their life is something that does not depend on you, and you just caught a hot hand or taking their words into your account. If you’re the reason, you’re guilty, apologize or start to work better. All terribly easy.

If your life is a shit, which seems like the end of the world, read this article, it will teach you to think correctly.

4. Always apply maximum effort, but don’t forget that the best is the enemy of good

This is a recipe for success. If you’re doing something very little, you lazy ass who does not deserve respect. If you make too many, chances to burn out and become a convenient target for those who will burden you with work, you hate, and carry your hands with hot chestnuts out of the fire. Do the job so well that looking at it you feel proud of yourself that you were not sorry for the time spent.

If you’re going to carry out their daily tasks in accordance with these rules, you will soon see that around, and you yourself become different to treat you. When I find myself in a difficult situation, I think about these four rules usually solve their problems. It all starts with the analysis of the current situation, monitoring, analysis that tells my intuition, that tells me the rational part of my being, which is a kind of equalizer and harmonizer. I conclude calm down and go on, and what you want.

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