Ka-Bar «Zomstro» Zombie Chopper is another original cutter


So, dude, it’s time for the original knives. Ka-bar has already appeared on the pages of our magazine, now it’s time to see another cool weapon for the zombie Apocalypse or to show off to friends. This antizombi cutter not only quite sharp, but heavy enough to get a good hack. Durable, fairly heavy blade against a zombie is. The coating blade is made of chromium and vanadium, dark and looks stylish. Blade thickness 0.35 inch. The kit also includes a small knife for fine work with a blade length of 3 and a quarter inches. The little knife is a removable plastic handle for ease of operation.

The length of the cutter 10.5 inches and a weight of 1.6 pounds. Hack this cleaver is a pleasure. The kit also includes a carrying case with two compartments for a small knife and a big cutting torch. A large cutter is additionally attached to the cover acid green cord and Velcro.

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