Just do it! Than sex good for health

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I know, I know, you don’t need extra reasons to have sex. However, if you suddenly do not have enough motivation or if you went to Sunday school, we will remind that sex is very healthy for you. Here are six reasons why you should do it more often. Thank you, science!

1. The sex is good for your immune system


According to the study of Wilkes University, nothing boosts immunity like good sex. Studies have shown that in the blood of students who weekly have sex 1-2 times a higher level of immunoglobulin A, which strengthens the immune system. The most pleasant remedy for influenza.

2. You’re happier


Studies of Dartmouth College have shown that having sex every week and every month, you feel happier. How? It’s like when you got $ 50,000! Interestingly, while the terms of our prices is like? Not sure how the guys with the math, but the point is clear: sex makes you happier.

3. It is useful for heart


Sexual intercourse increases blood flow to the organs and your heart rate two wines for your circulatory system. Moreover, studies have shown that people who have sex two or more times a week, smartlogo reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%. So you wouldn’t be lying if I said your friend will die if she doesn’t have sex with you.

4. This reduces the risk of prostate cancer

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Men are afraid of prostate cancer. What can we do to avoid it? One word — ejaculation. Ejaculation five times a week reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer by a third. Well, you got it, dude.

5. This is useful for the teeth

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If you’re going to kiss his lady, before you get down to business. A kiss stimulates saliva, and saliva cleans the space between your teeth which are inaccessible to brushes and floss. So don’t neglect the foreplay.

6. Sex helps you sleep

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Hard to fall asleep? In my childhood helped counting sheep, jumped over the fence, or a Cup of warm milk with honey. And there are even better, but for adults to have sex. During orgasm produces endorphins, happy hormones, and prolactin — a hormone associated with sleep. So with sex you’ll sleep well.

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