Journey through India: well of Chand Baori

The step well of Chand Baori one of the most beautiful and deep wells in India, however, such wells were built mostly in India. This amazing structure was built in the IX century for the extraction of water as a reserve for times of drought. The depth of the well is 30 meters (almost 13-storey building), it has 13 storeys and 3500 levels. Is well of Chand Baori in a small town Abhaneri, 95 kilometers from Jaipur, Rajasthan.


The well was built before the temple of the local goddess of pleasure and happiness Harshit Matta, and, like almost everything in India is considered a sacred place. Before entering the temple, it was necessary to descend into the pit, to wash the feet and hands.


But besides the direct purpose, Chand Baori served as a gathering place for residents Abhaneri. On hot summer days, citizens were going down to sit on the stairs, talking to each other, because at the bottom of the well the temperature is 5-6 degrees lower than at the top.


According to legend, this well was built in one night by the Ghost, which was led by a sorcerer. But in fact, it was built by ordinary people, and much longer than one night.

Stage surround this unusual architectural structure with three sides and the fourth side there is a number of halls and niches with sculptures and religious carvings. There are also Royal quarters with rooms for the king and Queen, and the scene of performing arts.


The step well of Chand Baori repeatedly served and continues to serve as a shooting location for many Indian movies and is one of the most valuable and major attractions of the country, he is under the protection of Department of archaeology of the government of India.


Currently, guards maintain order and not allow the pilgrims to swim in dangerous water, because it is able to kill a man for a couple of days, so it harmful bacteria and parasites. Pilgrims are only allowed to wash the feet and hands.


Despite the architectural value of the structure, any restoration work is not conducted here and tourists here do not carry. So here is never very crowded, and all the tourists get on their own.

How to get there: Moscow -> Delhi -> Jaipur -> Abhaneri

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