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manygoodtips.com_12.09.2014_kJaXMdPsprFsbThe summer is over, but that doesn’t mean that the sun immediately forgot about you and never will be warm in the morning. In many cities of the still warm weather. You’ve been waiting for this summer to quickly switch to your big and you are very lucky if you still manage it around. We need to hold on to the moment when it really gets cold and you from the despair you would be in public transport, in the end, the traffic dies down.

But while the weather is still indulge, get away from it all: you can travel to their city, discovering new places, or to go even further. Much further, where all the people go by cars or trains and planes, you can safely go on the bike. Although good, there is a little relief, even if you’re strong hand, to pedal tens and even hundreds of kilometers you will still get tired. You can certainly stay on vacation, and you can use ebike. Yeah, you don’t even have to pedal. Dream of lazy, isn’t it? You go, enjoying the view and not think about the fact that his feet are already tired as hell. What is the bike and how to go on a little trip today and we’ll tell.


Why e-bike? Well, it is much easier if you’re going somewhere further store with beer. During long trips, this bike will give you time to relax and you will not need to pedal. Initially the idea of creating a more comfortable operating a Bicycle threw the same John Dunlop, because he created the pneumatic tyre that made the trip more enjoyable and safe.

The next step was for John Snaptm, who developed a model of the electric drive rear wheel. After all, even back in 1890, people were too lazy to pedal and they’re thinking about how to make a charming Bicycle that will without physical effort to transport the owner of that new-fangled transport.

Only 12 years later the bikes became public. All because it was at this time the Zike company has launched mass production of new vehicles.

What bike to choose

Of course, you should be guided by different factors: the purposes for which, the value of electric bike, its appearance, etc. List all kinds of bikes we do not take, but a few worthy candidates will submit:

1.ECOFFECT F1 Premium


If you don’t want to beat Shah at a traffic light and love the quiet measured ride, then you will approach practical bike for city riding ECOFFECT F1 Premium. On it you can easily get to work, ride it around town or in the Park. If in your city there is easy roads (which is normal), then don’t bother, this bike is easy to cope with it.

The weight of this bike is 22 pounds and he is going to take you if you’re not a fat ass is heavier than 120 kg the Maximum speed of the bike is 35 km/h and charging time of the battery in just 5 hours. Charged it in the office and home again can go on the bike.


You need it if you’re going to go to another city, for example, and going there to ride the bike and not on slow public transport. You can easily make this bike and it will turn into something compact, easy to carry. At the same flick of the wrist, you can turn this thing into his bike.

The benefits of ECOEFFECT H-Slim is a high strength, and ease of use, as well as high speed travel up to 40 miles per hour. How many will ride this bike without pazardaki? Up to 65 km (electric+pedal); up to 35 km (one electric).

What to bring on a trip



Be prepared for the fact that at any moment there may be a puncture, but do not worry. Besides the usual tools, sticking with a backup camera. Of course you have to have the pump and oil for chain lubrication.


The most important thing in bike ride is adequate supply of drinking water. So, behind a lot away, but at least a liter of water you always have to be. During long bike rides, your body begins to dehydrates quickly, so you should always be clean water with you.



Don’t forget to take a sleeping bag and a good lightweight tent. Beautiful summer sleeping bag usually weighs about 1 kilogram. You will need to try to wkomponowany it to a minimum. Normal weight for a modern two-layer tents for 2 people that can take a bike tour, up to 3 pounds.



Silly to write about it, but still recall the things that you need to bring: first aid kit, helmet, gloves velosipedistov, comfortable shoes, windbreaker, sunglasses, sunscreen (!)


All you need is somewhere to put. Most suitable comfortable backpack, with a volume of from 5 to 30 liters. Can not spend money on a backpack, try to buy from cool, practical and smart.

If you’re going on a bike tour, then you will definitely need a smart backpack. This is the thing that will help you on the road. Smart Ecoffect backpack is a backpack with a light signal maneuvers. You can control them with a wireless remote that attaches to the Bicycle handlebar. Just click on the appropriate buttons, and on the backpack to be displayed arrow that signalisiert drivers that you’re going to turn left/right or continue to move forward. Well, as for the turn signals in cars.

The battery backpack you can charge through the USB port. This gadget is easy to operate and will greatly help you while moving on busy roads.

Now you know what can ease your journey and make it more comfortable. The pair to pack and plan the route, but then again protupil, and the window will already be winter.

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