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In a time when artworks write former porn actress and secular prostitutes, more and more I want to read the journalism. Look at the shelf with such works, and there are pseudo-historians put forward a new theory that hip-hop was invented by the ancient Slavs. What to read? And among all the colorful crap in the jackets are the familiar faces that tell you with the blue screens, how are things going in the world and how to roast a pigeon with carrot «Relish». Yes, this is not the tale of the Madonna. They are divided into two types: well written and written with interesting personalities. And while in Russia there are 3 authors who can combine both of these points. Look at them carefully.

Brilev and Latin America


In between fabrications that Russia rises from his knees, Sergey Brilev writes books. And, to his credit, writes brilliantly! Jokes aside, interesting story, interesting facts and good composition. Rarely in journalism is this: «…the»spray» of sea iodine and salt, poignant, wonderful, mutually exclusive flavors of old Havana, descended on the smooth skin of ox-eyed mulatto healing balm.» The old ham would have liked.

He has published 2 books: «Football, the Falklands, Fidel,» in which the story is not difficult to guess, is about Latin America, «Forgotten allies». Will not drive the horses of the literary Apocalypse and stop at the first. It is strictly recommended to all who are attracted to the romance of the Cuban revolution, Fidel, Che Guevara, football and life on distant continents.

The book describes in detail some of the nuances of the so-called » Latin «cuisine», the secrets of the hot Cubans and national features a mysterious Uruguayans. Lovers of politics, mystery and intrigue will also find a lot of new. And those who are going to visit far, but this native of the «Island of Freedom», can use the book as a guide to the culture and the life of the last «El sovietico». And just useful to read for the overall development, to learn how to make a real hemingwayesque Mojito at home or how to congratulate the Cuban that he wanted to buy you a killer «Cuba Libre».

Brylev knows what he writes. In his childhood he felt all the pleasures of life that were available to the son of a diplomat. All his childhood, all his youth he spent first in Cuba and then in the distant and incomprehensible Uruguay, where his father worked as a sales representative.

The second book «Forgotten allies» – devoted to world war II. But not the notorious battles and repeatedly described the mystery of the Yalta Conference. Here, perhaps, for the first time in the history of literature, the author drew attention to these inconspicuous participants in the war as the air force of Honduras (Yes, it happens), helped the red Army, the new Zealanders, the first foreigner to have received the highest military order of the Soviet Union, and you can see that this far and the unusual subject of the Russian Federation as the Republic of Tuva, it is still documented is in a state of war with Germany. And, of course, half the book is devoted to their beloved Cuba and Uruguay, which turned out to be too much «kicked» in the war years grabbed. The book is very interesting and the structure is more reminiscent of «War and peace»: about half of the world – national peculiarities of different countries and memories of the author.

Remember how Gandalf one night studied all the ancient library of Gondor. So, Brylev to write truly unique and interesting book, turned the entire Academy of Sciences, talked to all the employees who left the foreign Ministry, scouts, and other Soviet «James Bond» – really a Herculean task. Hell, these books were written with such enthusiasm that is immediately evident is the author spared no effort. Some of the comments in the book make a big book.

It is evident that the author took the soul at the time of writing these treatises. And then you can go mad with such work. It has a unique feature: unlike other «voices of truth» glorious RTR it is not annoying, not accumulating flashy window dressing and does not lie, Dmitry «However nothing new» Kiselev. At least it’s worth the read really interesting books, where there is not the slightest mention of Ukraine, domestic and foreign policy of Russia and fanfare in the government – only a detailed analysis of the brilliance and poverty, the pros and cons of those countries that are not sitting in the «Big Eight» and dropped from bombers democracy for a peaceful settlement, so learn about them doubly interesting.

«Atheisten» and respect the horses with Nevzorov


Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov, according to him, was eliminated from television in 2012. Since then, he leads a luxurious sedentary lifestyle in the Internet space, leading an unequal battle against religion, idiocy and humanity as a whole. Periodically, he is invited to «televizer», but then regret it, so how pathetic exchange of feces live between narcissistic journalist and «godly experts» very confused by the TV bosses.

Nevertheless Nevzorov – a brand in itself that does not need anyone’s estimation. He simply does not care about your opinion. Nevzorova either love or hate. His books are mostly a collection of essays on any annoying author’s theme. But as Nevzorov despises almost everything except themselves and horses, at sharp sharp word got thousands of accidents. Atheists will be nice to watch the maniacal hostility of the author towards the Church, all these expose stories about pedophilia, deception, and believers in General, to put it mildly, UN-Christian behavior. «Bearded the guys with the jewelry on the belly», «bearded guys», «through false, wicked and hypocritical parasites», «pedophillia», «prone to drunkenness and sodomy» – that’s just a short list of courtesies addressed to the Templars.

Well Nevzorov only writes about horses, reminding the reader that the man needs the horse for thousands of years of abuse. «Horse sport. The secrets of craftsmanship» and the Titanic work of the «Horse encyclopedia» might like is that the ardent defenders of animals, fan club Alexander Glebovich and those who for some reason does not like horse riding. By the way, Maestro is planning to write an Atlas of the brain of the horse in Latin, so nobody can read it. To purchase this Atlas should fill the application form and pay Nevzorov neither more nor less than 350 000 rubles. In short, eat up!

But down with the horses! In my opinion, to understand the essence of a journalist, should read «a Brief history of cynicism» – a collection of essays on topics in which the author, in his deep conviction, understands best. And as the author (again, in his opinion) knows everything, then some, this book will cause Frank irritation, and others approval, because in many respects he’s right. In any case, fans of the original literary language will be interesting. That, and to write Nevzorov does. And, apparently, he personally taught Vissarion Belinsky and other critics of the 19th century – well, very similar. By the way, the book draws a vivid cover, where the Maestro is surrounded by skeletons that would hint at love Nevzorova to this living. Or maybe just a hint of the many «skeletons in the closet,» described in the book. There were, of course, no show off like inserts in Latin (which once again reminds us of the writers of the last century), but they have their own taste. As with headers, one «Kostogryzov» worth. Well, you remember Gryzlov?



Many, very many do not like it when the person working mainly in Russia, openly criticizes her, and every now and then reminds about the availability of French and American passports. I think someone just plain jealous.

In fact, Posner’s is for that respect. He is able in his interviews lead the viewer to clean water, it is known worldwide, he did everything well: he drinks Armagnac, is recognized in the love of good cheese, has property in new York, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, though, and considers himself a Frenchman. However, all these pleasures of life are earned by honest labor. And looks like Mr Putin in his 80 years is better than Miley Cyrus in his early cocaine 23. Yeah, he’s not the great orator, says boring, illuminates only what interested him. But the range of interests he has a wide, and man he is not stupid, so listen to his always interesting, and read – even more interesting. Why? Everything is very simple. Posner and then complains about the iron grip of censorship, who’s got his hands, tongue and other delights and do not give him open up. In the books always careful, «master Yoda national television» allows himself some liberties. Read the autobiography «farewell to the illusions» – Time magazine called it shameless self-promotion, some of the criticism «hysteria».

The book is written is difficult, but worth the time spent especially in those moments when the author with the children’s enthusiasm Hayot power, religion, racism and homophobia, and on both sides of the ocean. The book was written in the 80s, but with the reissue of Mr Putin his experienced hand personally made footnotes about what he thinks about a particular problem now, many years later. Haters Franco-American-Russian journalist will note change in opinion over the years, and accused of Russophobia. And smart people will find new food for thought.

And the General public that likes to look at telepicture Vova and Vanya on America, Italy, England, France and Germany should read books written based on the transmission (though, while on paper reflected the sphere of Italy, France and America). First, there is more of the author’s thoughts, and secondly, more material, and thirdly, less censorship. Posner knows what he writes, because many lived and worked in these countries. However, bear in mind, is a difficult, exciting, adventurous read. This is a collection of thoughts of the journalist, and very specific. Well, the author’s composition is traditionally not claim to be a genius. However, the same can be said about any book by Posner.

So, if you agree with Vladimir Vladimirovich, go to the bookstore if you do not like, better read something else, because there is a likelihood of a sharp rise in the temperature in the area just below the back after reading a particularly contentious issues, but if you want to read something light, choose Mark TWAIN or Zoshchenko. Reading Posner, will have to consider.

P. S. Contrary to popular belief, the horror of our childhood and youth, the legendary «View» was copied not from citizen Posner. So he is not responsible for baby hysteria of the early 90s.

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