Joseph Brodsky is a man with an amazing destiny unwittingly

Brodsky likes cats

Night. Camera. The top right there right in front of my pupil. Sipping tea duty. And I feel like I’m a ballot box, where the fate of raking trash, where everyone spits garbage. May 24, 1965, the bullpen




Still — what cognitive resource, agreed. So we thought we should enlighten you further.

Last week we were thinking about whom we write immediately after Hemingway. And for some reason we decided that it is necessary for us to tell you about another guy who suffered from the antics of «Big brother» — the inexorable state machine. And we immediately thought of Brodsky. When this article was prepared for release, we were very surprised how was the rich biography of the poet.

Brodsky was born in 1940 in Leningrad, in an intellectual Jewish family. You know, famine, destruction, the siege of Leningrad — formerly Joseph’s childhood was not rosy. In school the poet did not like: the future poet changed several schools until I realized that this is not it. He went from the seventh grade to work in the factory with a solid confidence to start a career submariner. However, to enter the school of submariners from the future poet did not succeed, but he did not give up and came up with a new desire to become a physician. Months of work assistant in the morgue was enough to Brodsky understood: dissect a corpse or to rescue people — it was not his calling. After this bad experience, Brodsky was looking for: went to geological survey work, worked in the boiler room and even the lighthouse Keeper. Young man looking for himself and with it writes his first poems, actively read, although quite superficial.

Once Brodsky along with his friend pilot Oleg Shakhmatov was going to hijack a plane to fly away from the Scoop, but the guys decided not to. I would not dare., 24.06.2013, ea6FOzWEp1THmrAcaBQxCVAUSezpVGHg

Familiarity with such poets and writers as the Rhine, Dovlatov, Akhmatova, Bulat Okudzhava, Brodsky gave a strong belief that poetry is what he wants to devote his life. But all was not smooth because of the modest Joseph was noticed by the people who belonged to the regime is much more loyal than his friends. Just about Brodsky learned everything, because some of Lerner, Medvedev and Jonas wrote an article entitled «literature-related drone», in which Brodsky was charged with parasitism, that the Council was abruptly dancing in the temples. Immediately angry readers sent to the editor of the newspaper «Evening Leningrad», which was published revelatory opus, tons of letters,asked to do something with a boarder who write poetry. Admit it, dude, nobody wants to know that someone beside you is working., 24.06.2013, rT8VgdNslhAGDMLyipSfdffyAq2OHRFD

The court was quite specific. Suffice it to quote some of the questions prosecutors and answers of Brodsky.

Judge: Your work experience?

Brodsky: About…

Judge: We are not interested in «approximately»!

Brodsky: Five years.

Judge: Where did you work?

Brodsky: At the factory. In geological parties…

Judge: How long have you worked in the factory?


The Judge: Whom?

Brodsky: A Milling Machine.

Referee: in General, what’s your specialty?

Brodsky: Poet, poet-translator.

Judge: And who is acknowledged that you are a poet? Who ranked you to the poets?

Brodsky: No One. (Without calling). Who included me in the human race?

Brodsky filed the form of a man, indifferent to life and all, and he seemed not able to lose self-control. Even when the judge announced the verdict: «Five years of forced labour in Konosha district of the Arkhangelsk region» in a forgotten village, drugscom seemed to care, though before the meeting he suffered a heart attack. Brodsky himself seriously believed that the reference is the happiest period of his life, because, while in exile, he would be happy to read and write new poems., 24.06.2013, bLnoTW3oEaZ8vc3M89nfP4jplyvrxFuh

The trial of Brodsky began a storm of the protest movement against the USSR as a state that violates human rights. Returned from exile, the poet was surprised to find that all around him, started a real hysteria: Western publications, ask him for an interview, universities of the USA and Europe want him taught them, some friends emigrated, and some, like Anna Akhmatova died. Brodsky was put on the examination in the mental hospital, and the KGB breathing down his back. At one point, to Joseph come the people who put the poet before the uncompromising choice that you can think of: either prison, torture and all that, or immediate emigration. Brodsky chooses the latter.

Blowing into a hollow tune, that the fakir,

I went through the ranks of the Janissaries in green,

scenting eggs cold their evil axe,

as when entering the water. And now, with salt

the taste of this water in the mouth,

I crossed the line…

Outside stood Carl Proffer, a Professor at the University of Michigan, which opened up the disgraced poet new opportunities. Man with a seventh grade education he began teaching in the best universities of the world, printed in the best editions and to do what you love.

Reviews about Brodsky as a teacher was different: on the one hand, he is very liked by some students because instead of lectures talked about literature, read poetry and almost didn’t bother boring dictation. On the other hand, frankly, drugaciji was absolutely no teacher. He could break away, was arrogant, impatient. When asked: «How do You feel prepodavala in a women’s University?», drugaciji said: «As the Fox in the henhouse!».

Together with the other Russian who emigrated to the United States, such as Rostropovich and Dovlatov, his old friend, drugaciji having a good time. And when he gets the Nobel prize, opens a Russian restaurant. Great waste of money!

Saturday night 1996 Brodsky Packed to go the next day to pay, said goodbye to his young wife Maria misses sozzani was told that he needed to work, went upstairs to his office, where he died of a heart attack. Brodsky is buried in Venice, because it is very reminiscent of the poet about his beloved Peter.

Amazing destiny, a little before dark.

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