Jose Mourinho: quotes «Special»

Even non-football people have heard something about a Jose Mourinho». About the «Great and terrible» they know a little something – something coaches. But the fans to Mouru the more specific: it either love or hate. Some despise the style of his teams, mocking the fact that his son is ill for Barcelona, and irritated his statements, while others genuinely love and admire his coaching genius. Mourinho himself about himself of the same opinion. Was a mediocre footballer in the lower leagues, then a translator – top-coaches!

However, in addition to coaching, he became famous for his statement. In speeches Mor careless, baloane like a boastful child. Under the sharp blade of his secureimage words were many, and that is what is interesting. It’s No wonder it is called «Special.» Sorry, correction: he calls himself so. And Jose believes that the Big Bang happened at his command, and the dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t sign a contract with him. He can win the championship Albania on the phone, and who would not say that, he’s a great coach. A bad coach won’t win.

Now Moura isn’t doing so well. Led them to football Valhalla, and new trophies Chelsea awkwardly like «Dynamo-Tattransgaz» after a visit to the hookah. But that doesn’t make it less significant figure and interesting. He continues to give sometimes clever and sometimes the brand sharp phrase. And if Chelsea continue to play the same way, then it is likely to become even tougher.

While we wait for the new controversial press conference from the «Special», I propose to examine his fiery and not very wise, and ridiculous quotes.

Briefly about yourself

Even Jesus Christ was cute, not all that much to say about me.

About football salaries

Sometimes I think we earn too much money compared to those who are working for the benefit of mankind.

Mor about self-development

An asshole is someone who thinks he no longer need to progress. I'm not a dick.

«Special» about players

The players, like eggs, are of varying quality. In the store you can purchase eggs of the first, second and even third grade. Naturally, the better the egg, the tastier it is possible to prepare an omelette. And for the team egg ingredients need steeper.

«Special» about the features

Please do not think me too proud and arrogant. But I’ve managed to win the Champions League, so of course I’m Special.

So why is he special?

Special me doing what I’m above all this shit. Do you think that it bothers me that you write some? I do not care.

Mourinho on the coach.

I’m enjoying the work, enjoying every minute of my professional life.

Jose and mind

When I want to hear the opinion of an intelligent man, begin to speak.

Jose and concrete logic

I don’t think I’m the best in the world. But I don’t know anyone better than me.

Mourinho and movie

If about me, I want to be played by George Clooney. He’s a great actor, and even my wife loves them.

About political preferences

Do you want to know about my political preference? I’m leaning towards the 4-3-3 system.

About Abramovich

If Roman Abramovich helped me to coach Chelsea, we would be at the bottom of the standings. If I helped him in business, he would have long ago went bankrupt.

And the role of his money

At the moment we are at the top, but serious funding has nothing to do with this. We are on the way to victory, to winning many titles due to the fact that I work hard.

Jose about the magic of his name

Why I criticize my colleagues? Because they know perfectly well that the next day will be on the front pages of Newspapers. For them it is the best free advertising.

Philosophy of life Maestro

Do not listen to those who tells you to play the violin when you're doing a great job banging the drum.

Mourinho and the joy of victory

There are those who rejoice when you win. I don’t have time for this.

Football and life

Nothing scares me, nothing too much to worry about. I sleep seven to eight hours a day. I think there is nothing new in football to me is not going to happen.

Why Jose is so famous

Five years after retiring from football you, no one will remember, if you have not achieved something big. These things write history.

«Special» about the most important thing in life

For me the most important thing in life is love. I believe that you must love your family, your job, to love people with whom you work. If you do not love your wife should get a divorce. If you don’t like kids, you’re not human, and it would be better to commit suicide. If you don’t like work, then it should be changed.

About the family

Watch football my son and his wife and daughter, he is not interested. So at home we have two fans and two more intelligent person.

Again about the family

My children always beat me in all games. Not because I don’t want to be the «bad guy» for them, but because they are a lot bigger than any of my victories.

About family problems

If I’m not mistaken, my daughter turned eight, when I first was on her birthday. I was not present at her birth, I was not at home. Because my wife is the main person in the family. She is both mother and father.

…and about the causes of family problems

One time I went with kids and wife to Disneyland, when we got back, the kids asked me next time to stay at home. But that’s the price you pay to be in the big football.

On completion

I think I’m a good person. At least I try to be. I have no problem with family and friends. I’m a good family man, a reliable friend. I try to help people I don’t even know. If I do mistakes? Of course.

I'm not changing, I'm Jose Mourinho with all its advantages and disadvantages.

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