Joke’s on you, kid! Say Hello, it’s Jim Parsons

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2014_SQtJpIUqkwH8nA couple of geeks now rejoiced to see the title. Yes, it will be about batanides, Sheldon, more about Jim, who plays a tough character. If you’re still confused, read on. I hope you will catch the wave of nostalgia and sticky all night at a computer, watching the first season of the Theory.

Parsons was born in Houston on March 24, 1973. At the age of six years, Jim was determined to become an actor. Before that, he managed to play several roles in children’s performances and already the future Shelly realized that he really likes to put on different characters.

Write for Houston,

Write for Dallas,

Write the state of where my heart remained.

And will rock once again for your favorite Texas!

After graduating from high school, Parsons received a bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston, and after that, in 1999. he entered graduate school at the University of San Diego. He was one of seven students enrolled in the special two-year course of classical theater, Jim taught in collaboration with the Old Globe Theater.

The Director of this program, Rick was talking about the Parsons : «Jim is a very specific personality. It’s very original, which is one of the reasons for his successful career.».

manygoodtips.com_30.07.2014_kqWMFjj6QCEpgParsons graduated in 2001 and immediately moved to new York. Of course to a magical meeting with a Theory Jim had many other projects and roles, but it is obvious that he gained notoriety thanks to the project «big Bang Theory».

Jim estimated that he auditioned somewhere in the 15-30-minute TV pilots, but everywhere he merged and he was not given the role in the next series. And finally there’s the Big Bang Theory. After reading the pilot script, Parsons felt that the role of Sheldon Cooper is very well-suited for him. Although he didn’t feel any connection with the character, he was fascinated by the dialogues of «brilliantly use those words that most of us don’t even know.».

At the audition, Parsons so impressed series Creator Chuck Lorre that he insisted on a second viewing, to see once again the play of Parsons. And of course Jim got the role of Sheldon, with whom he more than copes.

Parsons was nominated for an Emmy (no, not Farrah Fowler) in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 for best actor in a Comedy series, he won in 2010, 2011 and 2013. In January 2011 he won a Golden globe in the category «Best actor in a Comedy television series»


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