Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the «Jackass»

Still, the translation of «Cranks» sounds very… soft, isn’t it? If you watched this show once, you know exactly what «Jackass» is as gently as to call the nominees for the Darwin award «stupid.» What did johnny Knoxville and his team, is hardly adequate, but this show personally, I even partially remember from your adolescence. And it I even still like the TV series «scrubs». Perhaps the older generation will say that we are since the update, love these things, but if they were born at the same time as us, they are unlikely to something different from us, especially in terms of taste.

We remembered johnny Knoxville thanks to the advent of online photoparade on the show, where the presenter is replaced by a cat named johnny Catsvill, who also works for the weird cat thing. However, it is already a force to disperse the Euromaidan.

Johnny Knoxville has been a daredevil since birth. His real name, by the way, Philip John Clapp, but the dude was born in Knoxville, so I decided to take this creative alias. Patriotichnenko! In childhood, however, he had been ill from influenza and pneumonia drought that gave health complications dude. This specific experience not only introduced Philip to death, but let him know that the human body is a very strong thing, and can much to endure. School dude loved to be the center of attention and to make strange rash acts to attract this most attention.

Best of all attracts attention? Rather, what profession? Actor! At least so thought Knoxville, who moved to Los Angeles to become an awesome actor. Dude even managed to join the American Academy of dramatic arts, but after two weeks realized that it’s not him, and went out nafig.


To life man made his living by writing various articles on different topics. For example, johnny has described the effect of the pepper spray, Taser and baton. To order some logs dude spent on myself in a very peculiar experiences. For example, one extreme magazine johnny felt the action of the pistol to the chest in body armor, electric shock and beatings with a police baton before losing momentum. A strange experience for johnny-masochist like MTV, which has launched a new project codenamed «Jackass».

The first season began with the memetichnaya congratulations, who knew the world. Johnny appeared on the screens of the country sticking out of the circus cannon with the brand: «hi, I’m johnny Knoxville, welcome to jackass». Then chlenovreditel shot in an ad hoc network. In the same episode was shown did Noxvile «freak» experience with pepper spray, shot in the chest and a police Taser. It was a success. In the same season johnny injured his ankle when he tried to jump over the river on rollers, of course, it was not his first injury and not the last.

Despite the huge number of reports that dangerous stunts, ridiculous children around the world repeated the stunts in «jackass,» and received injuries that resulted in numerous lawsuits, although the reason that children are morons, lies in the parents.

One of the strange things johnny was a test Cup to protect the groin. Already a crazy idea, right? The man felt on his crotch different harmful things like paintball guns, small children, hammer, balls for Billiards and other troubles. However, johnny eggs just steel, kids had to plane and even a good father! This is reflected in the fact that johnny is strongly opposed to the daughter appeared on the set of his show. In the case of this jerk, we can say that these are signs of a great dad.

Of course, this is not all the stunts and strange things, johnny Knoxville and his team. Johnny, dressed in a costume of Satan and molested people on the street, forcing him to renounce God. He participated in rodeos and bullfighting. Johnny, dressed in his grandfather and kissed the young woman on the street.

In 2001 the show because of one minor jerk had closed, so the boys got together and decided to make movies. The show closed at the peak of fame, in the eyes of fans he has acquired a certain aura of the victim caved under Housewives MTV and Commerce. That is why along with the «Light» show is still popular among many dudes around the world: the show didn’t go bad and fall into the sad shit, although it is believed that its full potential to reveal he did not. Full movies scored more vulgar jokes and stunts that would have never passed the censorship of television.

Thank the jerk continued to go after the Knoxville. Recently he was detained at the airport, as his suitcase was found… a grenade. At first we all thought that this is nothing more than a fake, but it turned out that the grenade is real… but she removed the explosive core. It put johnny’s girl, which was Packed. Good joke, which is already there.

When the show closed, each of the guys had some success and popularity in show business and cinema. Johnny became an actor, starred in many movies. Steve On hooked on the coconut, but then got rid of the addiction. One man all died, but others are in principle well settled.

Johnny with the company often received during the filming of a variety of injuries. About ankle injury we wrote above. Knoxville managed to break his neck when he began wrestling. While shooting the final episode johnny was going to land clearly on the roof and slide down in the style of some westerns. But johnny got cold feet and not gone from the place, which was strictly designated, so the whole structure collapsed on the jerk, but it not only killed a strange guy, but left him only a few blows. For all his lifestyle johnny is phenomenally lucky masochist. Well, let him live, pleases us man. He recently starred in a strange, but sometimes funny film «Movie 43» where was Aki leprechaun king Leonidas.


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