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We thought long and hard about whom to write to in our regular «Heroes» in honor of the joyous holiday of Halloween. Kind of like a celebration of demons (we would not be surprised if his celebration will be prosecuted by law), and the character needs to be «devilry». But the hero, among other things, has to set an example, to leave a trace in history and give the world something good – an invention, formula, or their creativity. Not anyhow what, and really valuable.

Therefore, Andrei Chikatilo, Jack the Ripper and Wenceslas of «House-2» do not fit. But, fortunately, we remembered the 1978 film «Halloween» and that took him not some fucking dog, and guru of independent horror films and thrillers, the so-called master of movies «category B» and a person without whom the ‘ 80s wouldn’t be 80s, and modern cinema would be a little different. His name is John carpenter, and so highly recommend to pour a glass of whiskey, to include worrying Blues Neil young, and even better those disturbing sounds that carpenter did for his films, and to read this landmark article which can lead the wise reader to ecstatic heights.

If this Director was born on our vast expanses, his name was Ivan Plotnikov. Probably everyone who sees his name in the first time confronted with the idea that once he knew the meaning of that word thanks to the English lessons. «sarpenter» in the translation is a carpenter. But he was born, fortunately for himself, the city with the telling title the Carthage, in the state of new York, and carpenters in his family was: his father headed the Department of musicology at the University of Kentucky, where he later studied the John. The father of the Director was quite a good musician and even played in Nashville with Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra and Brenda.

The character of the young John was tempered here in the American South. His parents, convinced the Northern Democrats could not find common language with the conservative and nostrils stuck in racial and religious prejudices southerners-Republicans. Although the civil war between North and South America long gone, the memory of it remained not only in movies like «gone with the wind». Southerners still do not like Yankees-northerners, hang Confederate flags, resent the abolition of slavery and grinning after the disappointing defeat in the proverbial war. Roughly the same love and adoration to each other, as in the Russian Center and the Russian Caucasus, and if Russian nationalist clever Makhachkala, it is difficult to imagine what would have happened to him. This is the atmosphere and tempered the character of Lord horror.

It seemed that John should become a musician like his father. Partly, because it happened, But in 4 years the carpenter knew what he wanted to do. Father gave him into the hands of a home movie camera, and little John was trying to make a fantastic film called «Gordon’s a space monster!». Even then, he knew how to be his masterpieces.

The first success came early, however, distinguished John as a Director and as writer and editor of short film «the Return of Bronco Billy,» which won the Oscar in 1970. Although scenario writing is the last thing like the carpenter in the film industry.

What I least like in the creation of the film is the script. The process is quite painful alone something to analyze, to arrange the words. To remove is another matter: the fuss around the camera, the actress. I feel on the ground as smoke a lot, drink a lot of coffee.Student life carpenter was in full swing. With his course not many people have achieved success in Hollywood – John was the most successful. But on the whole manifested a love of music together with future film Directors Nick Castle and Tommy Lee Wallace, he created the group «Coupe de Villes». As he repeatedly said, his father gave him the key to understanding music. The key is that John has learned in full, sometimes writing the music for his films. His heavy synth range very soon given to understand that anything fun in the next half hour, you will not see. Music carpenter has always paid great attention, he believed that it sets the atmosphere of the film better than acting. And so if understood that to write something brilliant will not work, hired Directors, who were brought to hysterical seizures. Although, it would seem that in his music there is nothing supernatural, but it is this extreme simplicity, Mr. carpenter was going for.

When I think of my training in film school, you see that talented students are unable to make it in Hollywood no film is. The system is so arranged that the punch it may be the only one who is fanatically obsessed. Otherwise it will not work. We with my constant group was moving, slowly, but surely, beginning from low-budget royalty-free pictures. But in Hollywood you can live happily ever after on royalties from scenarios that will never be delivered.

Talented guy was immediately swallowed by the abyss of cinema. To list all pictures just pointless, confine ourselves to the most iconic. «Halloween» became one of the most popular thieves kinesere a La «Nightmare on elm street» and «scary movie». Thanks to the «Halloween» on Carpenter first began with a gasp, and millions of beds were wet. This gave rise to the genre as a slasher. Created with a budget of 320 thousand dollars, the picture managed to collect at the box office 35 million net profit, and for many years remained the most commercially successful film, created by independent Studio.

A Picture Of «Something». It is this something! Gloomy landscapes, breath of winter in each frame, minor heaviness of the music of Ennio Morricone, steel bristles Kurt Russell… If you try to describe what is happening on the screen, then nothing but «running heads, thinking of the people and Kurt Russell, cutting your finger,» and does not come to mind. The blood, the brain, the snow, the typical content of corporate New Year in Nefteyugansk. A carpenter filled this cult film, which, though it failed in the 80’s, but has become a truly beloved the common people in the era of VHS.

By the way, the picture of «Something» – part of an apocalyptic trilogy, which includes less-known «Prince of darkness» and «In the mouth of madness». The point of this trilogy is as simple as the emotions Kurt Russell – to show different parts of the world.

«Escape from new York». In 81-m any Soviet teenager and dissident wanted the opposite – the flight to new York. There’s also gum, fashion shoes and freedom. A carpenter showed new York completely different. In fact, he just moved the classic scene from Sergio Leone movies in the apocalyptic scenery of the future, and tough as Clint Eastwood, snake Pliskin was healthy competition there every Rambo and Kananam-Barbarians. Turned out kosher. Many even injure his eye to be like the main character.

Then there was the «Escape from Los Angeles» is like «Escape from new York» from Los Angeles. This movie better not watch sober: there’s basketball, and surfing, and girls – everything you want.

«Big trouble in little China», only for fans of the sweaty hands of Kurt Russell. And «Aliens among us» – just the film you should love.

In his career, and moments of triumph, such as the film «all saints Day», which had a budget of 300 thousand dollars, and brought worldwide more than 75 million. Were the failures that have driven the carpenter from big trough after the film «Memoirs of the invisible man» with the irrepressible Chevy chase. After such failures the carpenter had to work again in the field of base films.

Hollywood is an amazing place. The film industry has changed. Business became bad. For Directors, they are like butts. It’s a bad time for thinking and creative people. Hollywood is a bad place to work.In fact, after such failures, the carpenter flew past the Director’s chair in such projects as «top gun», «Fatal attraction,» «no Exit», «Star trek», «the deal of the century», «Armed and dangerous». Not to say that it hit hard on its reputation, so we do not care. Most of us these films have never seen.

About him say that he is fascinated by second-rate movie. Anyway, he was fascinated by spaghetti-westerns of Sergio Leone, which he was truly passionate about. He invited to play van cliff in the film «Escape from new York» just because he played in the films of the famous Director. John loves the old «Cadillacs» and old westerns.

He’s a big fan of paintings about the adventures of Quatermass and screenwriter Nigel Nile: «the Quatermass Experiment» (1955) and «Quatermass and the pit» (1967). He respects the creativity of Howard hawks and Alfred Hitchcock. «Halloween», by the way, was created under a strong impression of «Psycho.» But the more he loves, except that of Elvis Presley and «Beach Boys.»

And yet, just watching his films, you can make a collection of legendary phrases from westerns. Just everyone has his own film, he inserts at least a couple of quotes from classical paintings of cowboys and noble sheriffs.

Of course, it is impossible to ignore his favorite actor Kurt Russell, whom he appreciates for your hard work, professionalism and lack of fear to play a role that can hurt his image or make him a fool. For us, it has become the benchmark February of apathy, a man that is not afraid of monsters, nor dictators. Only here at this nihilists was quite a human face.

Lit up in his films and such distinguished persons as: ice cube, Isaac Hayes, Alice Cooper, Jon Bon Jovi. After all, music is a family of carpenters connected forever. And pulls it to the musicians.

In France, I was the author, in Germany, the Creator of the films in England – directed horror films, USA – ass.Like any normal person, John carpenter’s personal life, which included several wives, the UPS, downs and endless love for the NBA. His mobile trailer even has a satellite dish that he always had the opportunity to watch the games. On the set of his films there is always a small basketball court and one ring. It is unlikely that he would be a great basketball player, even with the growth of 183, but passion is passion.

Another passion is the control of the helicopter. John has a flight license, and even appeared in his paintings as a pilot.

John carpenter, of course, has its own style, which is manifested in a scenario, and in the production of the film and especially in the artistic composition of visual range. Brand «image» carpenter is a minimal, but colorful and bright. He’s trying to do empty shots saturated and filled the empty space.

And typical of the carpenter is a terrible escape from prejudice. Apparently, the Kentucky education makes itself felt. He never wears a hat with the inscription Director of the film until then, until it is finished. Considers it a bad omen. Probably the fact that he always puts his name before the title of the film, too, as it is associated with the sign. And maybe, with the arrogance of the Director.

One of my wishes: back in the forties of the last century to make movies. I would be happy there. I feel closer to old movies and very few modern paintings are interesting to me.So, in his films plenty of that in everyday life are called trash, the actors overplay like is the rear detachments, who threatens to shoot any attempt to play normally, and the plot is not much like. However, this is the beauty of thrillers and horror under the letter «B». They don’t have to be perfect, they should be remembered. Only. John carpenter made it to the rank of cult and spawned a lot of genres and reference points, for which he human a low bow.

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