Jogging: pros and cons

manygoodtips.com_20.08.2015_0aR7wceoIPZjlAbout Jogging, a lot of legends. The army of fans of the fun, as well as haters, is increasing every day. Some consider it harmless and extremely beneficial to health, while others are afraid of Jogging (also called Jogging) like the plague, considering it if not work then harmful. We tried to weed out the wheat from the chaff, and to compare the pros and cons.


The main advantage of Jogging is a minimal stress on the joints. However, if you for centuries were injuries of the ankle or knee joints, it is better to consult a doctor before starting a workout.

By the way, leg bones much stronger. So, among the «trustwise» so many seniors.

Leg muscles are toned. You don’t feel such a huge load, as during a camping trip to the gym or marathon running. Just a healthy tone.

Constantly engaged in Jogging, you can lose weight. Calories are burnt, which means «goes» and excess fat. so, if you want to lose weight, have a little «potruditsya».

The joints, heart and lungs much stronger. Advocates of «Jogging» is saying that people, Jogging, live 5-8 years longer, and less likely to get sick. This is because they have stronger immune system. Such diseases as atherosclerosis, heart disease on the back burner. This is because when you run, your heart works more actively and accelerates the circulation. This increases the lumen of the coronary vessels. Some still tried to instill a stupid idea that when running the opinions of the athletes pure as tear of the Komsomol, but of course, nothing prevents you to safely run and to think about how to wring out the apartment of his beloved grandmother.

Jogging Jogging can play the role of warm-up or resumes training for people who have suffered injuries.


In spite of all contraindications, comes to mind the idea that sick people Jogging, you should not. It is clear that Jogging is not a cure for disease and a way to keep myself in good shape. And yet.

Do not forget about the dangers of running. When running the main shock falls on the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. At a young age is not seen, but in the summer feet can hurt after a run. So, before you start to do Jogging, you need to think carefully about the choice of footwear.

Undesirable Jogging in the disease legs, especially if you have problems with varicose veins. When running, blood flow is increased, and this additional strain on the legs. This can cause severe pain in the legs, collapsed veins and bruises. And don’t even think about running in the heat! Although at an early stage of the disease, such Jogging even useful.

Also harmful to Jogging more than three times a week. Although for some it can be a plus. «Lazy» sport that needs to be addressed. By the way, on long distances and with great speed running is strongly discouraged. All this has a negative impact on your health, athletic. New research has shown that having an intensive Jogging decades is impossible. This run will harm the cardiovascular system.

When a large excess weight Jogging is also strongly recommended. First, you need to adjust the weight. This is achieved through diet and walking. Jogging is a fun and useful sport. Going to classes seriously, you will get the maximum pleasure and minimum harm.

Jim Fix (no relation to sir Jimmy Savile) wrote the bestselling «encyclopedia of flight», after reading that, the provincial fathers unearthed, finally, his old-fashioned shorts and ganopolski sneakers green stripes and began the evenings to run around the house to «work off» his daily four litres of beer. And you know what’s funny? Fix himself died of a heart attack while Jogging. The worst negative publicity you can imagine.


If you haven’t found in your body and the body is nothing unnatural Jogging, pay attention to a few technical features Jogging:

– Jogging called running at a speed of about 8 km/h.

– The kick must use the entire foot, not just the heel or the toe, and the leg that you push needs to be straightened at the knee.

– Steps should not be too large.

– The upper body should be straight and slightly tilted forward.

– Arms should be bent at the elbows 90 degrees. Arms need beats.

– Watch your breathing: if you talk while Jogging appeared shortness of breath, slow down. You should also slow down if you started to breathe from the mouth, not the nose.

– While running the pulse should not exceed 180 beats/min.

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