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manygoodtips.com_10.07.2015_SizyBd74pAiA8Joe Rogan is such a cool American comedian who like many of us. The wider audience he is known primarily for his participation as a moderator in the popular program «fear factor» where people do all sorts of nasty things, up to eating the genitals of animals, in order to snatch their share of popularity and money. Rogan himself in the course of work on this transmission was genuinely surprised at how stupid can be the representatives of the human species.

Now Joe continues shooting «fear factor», he also performed with his stand-up show, and in his spare time beats punching bag (this guy is a 2nd Dan Taekwondo, 1st Dan in BJJ and a green belt in judo). If you compare it with other American comedians, it would be such a simple guy with a healthy Outlook on life. No special trash or immoral behavior – just good black humor without much pressure on acute social issues.

«Joe Rogan wants to know» is an absolute new show Rogan, in which he tries to substantiate some human fears, myths, or desire. Don’t think the transmission is entirely of a scientific nature. After all, Rogan is first and foremost a comedian, and the choice of topics corresponds to his profession. It is unlikely you will learn something new from the program, but have a good laugh at all sorts of cranks who say, I believe in big Feet and spend all their life in order to find the feces of this mythical creature.

manygoodtips.com_10.07.2015_nqRSbEFs3aFkORogan is trying to address contentious issues, he likes to ask questions, and is good at it. Of course, the presenter makes fun of the main characters of a particular transmission, but the banter is not evil, but quite friendly. He’s trying to stand on their side, to see the world through their eyes, to assume that big Foot really exists. And what does he do to assure himself of the possibility of absurd theories? Rogan is trying to ask advice from a real, reputable scientists. And that’s stiff shit, probably belongs to big Foot, relates to one of the best laboratories of USA to verify the validity of the findings.

The transmission is just getting on its feet, but it already may seem interesting to any guy. No overload of information, Rogan is a great host, and the synthesis of humor and serious topics is a great solution for weekend. And the themes really are serious. For example, the problem of immortality. Can man achieve immortality, at least in some form, where it leads, good or bad? The moral side of the question is also broken, but without it? Scientists are not the main characters of «Joe Rogan wants to know» the main characters are, rather, the people themselves and the challenges they face. For example, is it possible to «biophotolysis»? A possible scenario for the fans? What then have to worry about humanity and how he will cope with such a wild problem?

Series about immortality is probably one of the most interesting in season at the moment. There we learn about our compatriot, the Russian billionaire who collects scientific conference for the solution of the problem of death. He convened top scientists from around the world for one purpose – to attain eternal life. «A lot of money, the best minds, but what can be the consequences of all this?» – Rogan asks the viewer. And then you begin to think about other things: will there be people person, if his life is in no way limited?

manygoodtips.com_10.07.2015_4mpıyoxuymbvuHere you don’t have to agree or protest against the views of Joe, because he always leaves you without answers. Only sprinkles along the way a couple of opinions and assumptions, and everything else you needs to decide for himself. This transmission takes its audience, she presses on him. He is quite able to decide whether to believe him, in big Foot or not, to wait for total immortality, or quietly died a normal life. If you want to learn something interesting and at the same time without much straining time, be sure to add this program in the list of «Must see on the weekends».

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