Job without connections do not get

Tricky question: would you have used ties to attach the child? Probably so, and there is nothing wrong. Here in our country such a method of use for centuries, so 6, if not more. And the company a pleasure to deal with your people, they are more predictable and to make contact with them easier. Although they understand that «good man» is not a profession. But anyway, there are places that are fenced with a gate for a mere mortal, or a fenced-off minefield, and to reach the desired position, you need to spend a lot of time. Here are some of them.

Monopolist companies and state agencies

There are people who know all the wisdom of employment, but applicants it helps a little. Called HR and they say that the hardest thing to get on the «warm» place with the parties in government agencies and large companies-monopolists. After all, they are jobs in less place. Of course, there can be surprises, but often in this field people work not just decades, but for generations. Many of the Royal house can easily be the envy of some top managers of «Gazprom» in the second lap. Historically, the public service company with state participation are the areas where «to pull». So it was in antiquity and supposedly just a career Soviet bureaucrat. I think of my friends who work in major monopolies like Gazprom. (If these connections have helped). Indeed, no one got there from the street, or just sending your resume. Many we meet in the open access of vacancy announcements in «Gazprom»? Probably not.


The situation is similar in the energy sector. Without personal connections, even a section chief at CHP will not. The CHP come to practice students. To them closely, and if the Intern has experience or relationship, then he the station will not last long: the year will work, will rise to the turbine operator and will be taken into the administration. There are people with brains, the career ladder will rise rapidly. And salaries are very good. But on the other hand, energy – matter is very serious, because the stupid and lazy out there to keep even for the money will not. Personally knew a guy, whose father is the chief engineer of the heating – built on the choicest spot. Connection the child had, and the brain is not very good, so after a while and drove it.


Personal relationships play a role for the device in the field of Finance or accounting, as well as in the search of candidates for top management of companies. Of course, cashier and consultant to the Bank take for a sweet soul. Only here you will have to go through many trials, fiery moats, dungeons with dragons to get to a good position. And if you have good communication then some of the nuances of the conquest of the carrier mount can be omitted. Also in the top management. Just look at the grandson of Yeltsin and his favorites of fortune. How many can remember, as he works a top-the Manager in various organizations.

Civil service and politicians

Organizations working in the field of politics, venture capital or management consulting, also prefer to recruit employees, focusing on relationships. Justification is that when working in such areas, a greater role played by personal relationships. Really good when the pieces of the pie to divide «their» people, not evil upstart. Same problem, and in the civil service. Here there is a clear gradation. For their offices on the floors above and positions where kickbacks tastier. For mere mortals – office for 12000 rupees with lots of nerves and disgruntled pensioners.


As you know, to «uristat» grown-up, it is necessary to acquire grown-up relationships. For example, the notaries – the people kissed by fate and fortune. Was the seal, get your money, and go to the tavern with the Gypsies to drink champagne for $100. Far-fetched, but partly true. How to become a notary? Can half a lifetime working as an assistant notary in the illusory hope that you will allow lazy to file the papers, or to kill the notary. Because the queue for these positions is large, there are a lot, and leave the choicest places they are not in a hurry. So it is necessary to have a lot of money to move or turn closer to open his own office with all personal belongings.

The same situation with the judicial and prosecutorial places. Again, you can make a valiant career from assistant to the mantle, but only to live on this starvation salary, and even many years… Even dervishes, with Grigory Perelman, the nerves passed. So dynasty is not uncommon.


Has not escaped the doom, and medicine. It did last time it will be all good. For centuries in a good place took or talented students, or relatives and friends of talented doctors. So usual, places are limited. And some lobby entrance is strictly by VIP passes. As an example, in the venereology. A gold mine for any «Hippocrates». So gold, «humble gratitude» from serious people with shameful illnesses can only accept those who put in a good word. Good or bad – hard to say. But the quality of the medicine from that not much grows.

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