Jimmy Carr: quotes about prohibited

Jimmy Carr recently is a benchmark of ruthless humor, not sparing neither animals nor children nor people. It or love it, or hate it. It is equally respect for the immature minds, who consider themselves to be part of something elitist and want to know the address of the humorous, where he gets the jokes, or lovers jokes like «When I was in school, my classmate for three cigarettes a hand-job to the dog. I know what you’re thinking: «Where did dogs cigarette?!», or those who are able to find the jokes about children with down syndrome the verdict of the whole society. It brought cynical jokes on taboo topics to a rank of fetish, even craftsmen assemble video performances of Yevgeny Vaganovich, only instead of jokes about locking factory sound Carr jokes about pedophilia. Of his Golden quotes, you can make an endless list, but if you know who he is and what he’s joking, you probably heard them hundreds of times. Remembered because the most daring. We decided to remember what Jimmy said for the life of the life. Sometimes sad and sometimes funny. «So, all his jokes are about life, this is the essence of stand-up Comedy, creature!», – just notice you. But not here humoresque, a La «yesterday and my girlfriend tried anal» and jokes about his stepfather, because in the phrase: «I masturbate three times a day – 1 times to itself, and twice the stepfather» – some readers will see the joke, and others daily. And anal… even in Africa anal, what about his joke.

On the criticism

Criticism of me is absolutely fair. People have a right to be offended. But I deserve the freedom to joke about whatever I want. I respect that people have the right to say in my address: He’s a horrible person, I don’t like it». But they have no right to say that I stepped over the line – they held that line.

About comedians

With comedians it’s simple – the audience reacts to a joke, laughing or not laughing. And so you either love us, comedians, or just don’t understand why people laugh.

The tragedy of Comedy is that the only thing they need is to be liked by the audience. We are desperately looking for approval. It’s like a personality disorder, which can earn.

My approach is the most reasonable. You’re a comedian, so you want to provoke laughter. How to cause the maximum amount of laughter for an hour? To tell short jokes. And don’t say, «boom-boom» at the end. Let the audience laughing, and then tell another joke. This is the shortest path to the goal.

On pouzitelnosti their performances

My performances do not teach anything of people. I don’t give out something like «yeah! Great idea!». I just entertain people. In my words you mean, and I don’t work for ranking.

Success in stand-up

I think that the success in standup is to be funny and joke. Everything else is riding on cakes.

About yourself

If I went back in time, I would tell younger self: «You should be more confident,» young I said, «What did you do with my teeth?!»

«Carr is everywhere!»

There is no such thing as «popular». It would be nice if someone criticized me, saying, «You work too much». Well, thank you very much!

About God

There are two types of people: the first to laugh at jokes about religion and God, and the second will go to heaven.

I became an implacable atheist. In my opinion, the idea seems the fact that there is life after death and the dog «will now live on a farm» (the standard consolation for the kids when the dog dies – approx. ed.), the only limit. Such thoughts only take away your precious time.

When I was a child I had an imaginary friend. I was sure he could hear me and fulfill all my desires. Then I became an adult and stopped going to Church.

About schizophrenia

Some say they hear voices in their head. And where else to hear them? Hearing voices in the feet – that would be weird.

About education

«When I see a goth on the street, I don’t see it as goth. I see two disappointed parents.»

We could not do without jokes on taboo subjects, because talking about Carre

If you are afraid of pedophiles, grow up.

About human oddities

You need to look for advantages in the weirdness. If you are diabetic, the advantage is that you can kill yourself with sweets: «I’ve had enough. Pass the sorbet, please.

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