Jimi Hendrix — the hero of the world of music

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_yAFNHv7JXwIeiTell us, how much do you know about one of the most virtuosic guitarists around the world? We, of course, mean old Jimi, who left us very early, but managed to make an incredible contribution to the universe of music. Who is Jimmy? Well, a lot of it is dubbed a phenomenon of his time, and with these guys not to argue. Is an American musician, singer and composer. Although his main career spans only four years, he is widely known as one of the most influential guitarists in the history of popular music and one of the most famous musicians of the 20th century.

Jimi is a legend. In fact, this legend was born in Seattle. To five years he grew as a normal child, but then suddenly decided to take up the guitar. In ten years he mastered this tool and freely owned it. At the age of 15 he was destined to go into the army, where the future virtuoso after the injury the result of a failed parachute jump, was discharged. Three years later his knowledge of musical instruments gave Jimmy a chance to play with such outstanding performers as B. B. king, IKE and Tina Turner, Solomon Burke, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, little Richard, Isley Brothers, king Curtis.

In 1964, Jimi Hendrix moved to new York, where, under the alias Maurice James began working as a guest guitarist with artists such as Sam Cooke, Tina Turner and The Isley Brothers. A year Jimmy signed long-term contract with ed Calpino, according to which he received$ 1 and 1 % royalty, recording with Curtis knight. This contract later became the cause of litigation between the Hendrix and record companies.

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_E0P5mYG14JP6LLater Jimmy was doomed to work at a local cafe where he occasionally performed with his band «The Blue Flame». At one of these performances saw Hendrix and Linda Keith, girlfriend of Keith Richards, she was amazed by his play and couldn’t believe that he’s not famous. Linda introduced Hendrix departed from the group «The Animals» Chas Chandler, who signed a contract with Hendrix, and became his producer and helped to assemble a new group, The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

After a few performances the group has appeared a lot of fans. Their cult first single was a cover of the song Hey Joe. Hendrix and his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham moved into the house on Brooke street 23 in Central London. Next to this building, on brook street, 25, once home to the composer George Frederick Handel. Hendrix, aware of this coincidence, bought Handel recordings. These two houses are now the Handel Museum, which is dedicated to both musicians.

In 1967 the band released its first album Are You Experienced. In the same year on one of his speeches, Hendrix decided to set fire to his guitar, of course, after this rash act, he was in the hospital with burns. In Jimi Hendrix’s «Purple Haze» there is a line: «Excuse me while I kiss the sky» («Forgive me when I kiss the sky»). Very often students understand it quite differently: «Excuse me while I kiss this guy» («Forgive me when I kiss this guy»). Hendrix himself was aware of this oleske and sometimes after the execution of this line kiss on the cheek of his bass player.

Jimi was famous for his restlessness, and his perfectionism in the Studio became legendary. Jimi made guitarist Dave Mason do more than twenty takes of acoustic accompaniment in «All Along the Watchtower». Deeply insecure about his voice, Hendrix often recorded the vocals hidden behind Studio screens.

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_jGTNPoaYVtZsJWhen I die, continue to listen to my records. Until the end of his career and life, Hendricks has managed to spoil relations with the fans. Hendrix expressed his dissatisfaction with the fans due to the fact that they demanded to play their old hits and did not want to listen to the new musical work of Hendrix. The video of this concert was released under the name «Wild Blue Angel».

During his last speech at the festival «Isle of Fehmarn» in Germany, Hendrix was greeted by the audience is extremely inhospitable and soon he had to leave the stage. Jimmy remained in England, and in the morning was found dead in a room at the hotel «Samarkand» in London.

He spent the night with his girlfriend, a German, Monica Charlotte, Daneman, and died in bed, choking on her own vomit after taking 9 sleeping pills. Daneman noticed that Jimi is happening something, but was afraid to call an ambulance because of the large quantities of drugs that were scattered around the room. A few years later, Danneman claimed that Hendrix was alive when he was transported in an ambulance, but her comments in this case was very controversial and has varied from interview to interview. In the film biography of Hendrix, the doctor on duty then in the ambulance, said that by the time Jimmy was taken to the hospital to save him was impossible.

The posthumous discography of Jimi Hendrix has more than 350 records. Hendrix died at 27. Among the famous rock and Blues musicians very significant proportion of those who died at the age of 27 years. Such musicians even joined the «Club 27». It includes Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and Amy Winehouse.

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_bl0fMhuSlgR6ZSo short, but bright life. He has done a lot for his fans and for the music world. Therefore, you should not listen to those who accuse this hero in the use of illegal drugs. We have often said that if a person is doing something global, then others should be spit on flaws assistant. And Hendricks helped many recovering from the wounds of the people with their songs.

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