Jim Morrison: an icon of the psychedelic revolution

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2015_xlE0QU4Cm1BMYSooner or later you stumble upon a band like The Doors. This happens almost every man. Psychedelic rock, he was like, gets in your head randomly, and then doesn’t let go for a very long time, if ever let go. Jim Morrison is probably the most iconic and prominent figure in the music of the second half of the twentieth century not only in genres, but in General.

Jim was born in Melbourne, Florida. By its nature, was a true Celt, he pulsed Irish, English and Scottish blood. He was born in a military family, which automatically meant frequent moves the whole family in one end of the country to another. This is our country America is very similar. Jim recalled a time in his memory a vivid bloodstain stuck one event: in one of these trips he saw the broken, mutilated truck with the Indians, whose bodies were lying in blood along the road.

I think in that moment the souls of those dead Indians, maybe one or two of them, running around, squirming, and moved in my soul, I was like a sponge, readily absorbing them.

Jim MorrisonWhen Jim enrolled at Florida state University, he studied art, acting, loved to play in student productions. After Morrison studied at the film faculty of the University of California. But the Director, he did not, after all, his dream was the creation of his rock band, Jim felt the music differently than others. Morrison tried to enlist the support of parents. But they did not share the beliefs of the son or the choice of career or lifestyle. In the last day, when he saw his own parents, it was Christmas 1964.

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2015_jmB2Hj6nrn2ABIn any case, his farewell to parents was a complete departure in the field of art. The group received the name «The Doors» in honor of the book by Aldous Huxley «Doors of Perception». This essay, written by one of the greatest writers and philosophers of the twentieth century. In it, Huxley describes his experience of the use of mescaline, a substance which is produced from certain species of cacti, especially Lophophora williamsii, which has a hallucinogenic effect which took him inside. Its properties have long been known to shamans of some Indian tribes, cacti are used to communicate with spirits and gods. But in wide use civilization this substance included only in the 60-70 years of the twentieth century. The last promoter of «expansion of consciousness» is Jim Morrison.

His music has absorbed the traditions of many cultures: blacks, the southern country and Blues. There was not a single team at that time who could do something similar in sound. Coupled with the poetic gift of Morrison this cocktail has made youth a stunning effect. He abruptly became a star of his generation, and the songs, and sometimes gave some esoteric, began spinning in the minds of many. It was seen as the prophet and poet.

Also known manner the musical performances. He rarely went on stage sober or not stoned. This was necessary for the image? Completely. But, most likely, at some point, Jim just lost control. On the other hand, despite all the scandals associated with his performances, he still loved and still continued to call. Just six months after the beginning of its concert activity The Doors started performing at the best club on the sunset Street – the Whisky-A-Go-Go. The contract with the record company didn’t keep itself waiting. This company was Elektra Records, which showed the world group in all its glory.

manygoodtips.com_8.07.2015_PpRupgvI7eVzyWe would not call the music of The Doors usual. Too much of something vague, strange and mysterious. Shamanism is the stage reception of Morrison. Perhaps the reason for this is that episode from childhood, with the dead Indians. Jim was always attracted to mysticism, and his favourite poet was the wonderful William Blake and British visionary of the nineteenth century, who managed to not only write poetry, but also painting and printmaking.

I am the lizard king. I can do anything.

Jim MorrisonTechnically the music is very peculiar. It is full of interesting moments, the sound is really unique, its not be confused. Guitar party rarely highlighted, but the keys were amazing. Well, of course, Jim’s voice with his poetic lyrics and varied intonations, which are unlikely to repeat in a sober state. He’s not a Tinker, the song came out alive, real. They were not velemeny the sound-producers under a «perfect» sound. This was something from jazz. Just a man with a good song he wants to tell the world. Frank and honest music.

You never know when you’ll have to do his last song.

Jim MorrisonOfficially, Morrison died of a heart attack in one of the hotels in Paris at the age of 27 years, however, many are skeptical about this cause of death. It is known that at the end of life it is more and more hooked to substances and booze, all written less material for songs and worse treated the visitors of their concerts. Overdose – a common occurrence at that time. And certainly he was in the 27 club because of it. Morrison buried in France, at the Paris cemetery Père-Lachaise».

But let’s not about sad. The man dies, and his songs remain. And now they don’t remain in history as forgotten all the moaning, all as before sounds good. The albums «The Doors» often reprinted, music primitives in favor of modern tastes, but old records still live, and someday they get to your skull and open the doors of your perception.

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