Jessica Burciaga

Hey, dude! Even a couple of hours and you’ll be out of the office these walls of despair and go to welcome weekend. I hope you have planned several events for the evening. Well, until then, we will help to reconcile you with reality. At this time, your Friday will decorate hot as hell, American model and actress Jessica Burciaga.

Since childhood, this girl knew what he wanted to do in life. It has always attracted the spotlight and flashes of cameras. Jessica was born 11 April 1983 and, according to her, she inherited the beauty of his mother, of French Irish descent, a strong character and a Mexican father. In February 2009, Jessica was selected as the girl of month of magazine «Playboy». She has also shot for the magazine MAXIM and was on the cover of «Modified Mag», «Performance Auto & Sound» and «Open Your Eyes».

On account of the girl role in the TV series «Buffy» and «Charmed», she also managed to light up in a couple dozen videos and commercials. Jessica now plans to open a modeling Agency and is actively looking for a life partner, as it is recognized that for a long time thinking about children. Now let’s see her hot pictures and jealous of the future chosen this gorgeous girlfriend.

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