Jerk or is it romantic: believes a man in love?

Love now no more than a word of six letters with a soft sign on the end. This is one of the most overused, underrated and overrated words in the Ukrainian language. Love is more reminiscent of Olivier for the new year table: no joy, regular salad, sweet, tasty and available for everyone.

What’s the problem? Love began to be called anything other than what she really is. It is so comprehensive a term used to describe almost any relationship, even if between people there is a deep emotional attachment to each other.

My friend got married not for love, but a very good girl who cook and cooks him delicious meals, bore him a son, cleans well in the apartment and nice singing with a guitar. It is rather nice, nice and interesting, she definitely deserves love and reverent attitude. Only my friend does not love her. I know I have it right in the face asked. He was very surprised, made a face, exactly I told him about Santa Claus tell, and as he said to himself in justification: «it is pleasant, nice and comfortable. What else do you need?» However, it seems to be normal. Why are we even given up searching for love? What is the duration of love? Love the dynamic fun that brings us a lot of joy at sufficiently high risk. Love lasts three years. Love lasts as long as you support her. It is the essence of a large fire that is easily extinguished in a month, if it is not supported, or not turn off after many years. To live with the girl you like, but no more static pleasure. There is sex, there is a cutie, has a boring future, but it may irritate you because it is the favorite.

When did we stop believing in love? In the same one from which my heart skips a beat, what happens in fairy tales and in all sorts of legends? When we began to understand the love, the desire to sleep, desire to live a little together and easy interest? I’m some snot throws, so I turn to lust, and then I start to remember the disney cartoons.

Love and lust

We can love sister, mother, brother, friends (but we have them not admit, because it’s snot) and can separate a very different love to love a girl and frankly to understand that with age, this feeling does not disappear but increases.

Unfortunately, currently we can easily confuse «love» and «attraction». Men by nature (even I, a romantic dude) tend to think a good time in bed equates love. A friend of mine who was very interested in spirituality, and once even told me about the seven types of love, among which suddenly ran into sex on once. At the mention of her name we embrace positive emotions from jointly held in bed time, and that we take for love. For that I must say a big thanks to the hormones. We are skeptical of love, just an unexpected phone call that promises us gain, if we send SMS to a short number.

I’ve got good news and bad news. Good: love exists. The bad: the chance to meet her is extremely small.

We are not born skeptics. Skeptics we make life and past relationships that make us think that love doesn’t happen that you’ll never fall in love and all such nonsense, which I personally hear more can’t. It forces us to remain in a convenient relationship, but the person next to us makes us feel strong emotions. How can you call these relationships? «Normal». Are we so afraid of loneliness that we have to sacrifice high-quality relations, which obviously, will make us happy?


Passion is the Foundation of love, this is where it starts. Is it that you, being with this person and it makes you feel shivers. In all seriousness. Not so, of course, I’m terribly cold, but very similar. And pleasant. Even when she innocently smacking you in the cheek, you feel a pleasant warmth. If during Dating you don’t feel those feelings, then your relationship is devoid of passion. If you sleep peacefully every night, without thinking about it, then this is not love.

Unfortunately, passion is not something we can buy at the nearest mini-market: it either is or it is not. Passion — a phenomenon not so frequent, and we all prefer to use what was lying under their feet, instead of having to climb a tree and gather the best fruit. So we don’t know about the existence of passionate love, which is to achieve at least because of the tremendous sense of passion.

Everything you need to know about love

I’ve got good news and bad news. Good: love exists. The bad: the chance to meet her is extremely small. Love cannot be found deliberately: it finds you. Remember this article? Of course, this does not mean that you need to sit at home all day, and then meet the girl of his dreams on the way from the liquor store. You can increase your chances of appearing in different places. Really everyone falls in love once or twice. Sometimes true love can still collapse under the blows of life, and you, like Frank Sinatra, who married after the ava Gardner on several of the women still going to admit that he loved only her.

We become crazy, sex-dependent, living without love, and it’s a fucking sad fact. Men and women in this world locked in a comfortable relationship without love. They do not want to strain, they do not want to give more than we receive.

If the relationship doesn’t bring you happiness, be a man and stop them. It so happens that one person is in love, but the other does not, the guy from the story above, I think, is in such a relationship. The girl seems to love him.

How to determine that you’re in love

1. You want to be better

You don’t mind, to drink less, exercise, stop swearing and become a good person.

2. You feel full

You feel with her a strange sense of completeness and composure. This is the time when you can be silent together and still be cool.

3. Radio singing about you

Every song, even the most poppy pop music is filled with meaning, and you can easily spend a parallel between songs and my current situation. It sounds like the words of a play Grishkovets, but unfortunately, it’s true.

4. You feel the pain and devastation when she’s not around with you

Seriously, dude. You keenly felt when her long time not around (which is even three a day), you feel enormous, inhuman sadness.

5. You often think about her

If you have a spare moment, your thoughts automatically switch to it. The idea to call her and ask her what she eats at this point, it seems not stupid, but very sweet. When you’re in a relationship, you know exactly what «cute».

6. You lose your head

You do stupid things, you can go to prison in order to break her from the garden flowers. Or buy a Celine Dion album?

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