Jeremy can go from Top Gear

manygoodtips.com_12.03.2015_1OBedXGApwcvHOn the charismatic lead of the cult autoproduce Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson dark cloud. It is supposed that the brawler Clarkson hit producer of the program for… food.

It is rumored that after recording the last program tired Clarkson was unhappy with the fact that the set did not deliver hot food, with the result that enraged the leading master stroke indicated producer Aisino Timon for error.

But this is only speculation. The BBC refused to comment, being confined to the statement that the scandal with the producers, he was suspended from management of the program and that next Sunday, the legendary show will not be aired. In addition, the air force opaque recalled that the broadcaster has repeatedly warned that he allowed himself racist and offensive remarks. In particular, this year there was a scandal after Clarkson said on the air the word «Nigger» («nigger») that in the country, which for more than 300 years successfully used slave labor, is considered politically incorrect. Jeremy just barely audibly muttered the rhyme: «Catch a nigger by the big toe, and when squeal – let go,» as the British media made a big deal out of this scandal. I recall the words of Danila Bagrov: «what else is it called? A Negro is a Negro.» And speaking one day about Mexico, he said, «From Mexico, in fact, no Olympic team. This is because all the Mexicans who can run, jump or swim have already crossed the border.» And this is not the only thing, if I may say so, racist statement known rebel.

The Clarkson holds on adequately, and refuses to comment on the incident, otshuchivayas: «I drink a cold beer and wait until this is all over». Saw it yesterday at the match «Chelsea» – PSG. He looked very cheerful.

Other members of the legendary Trinity – presenters Richard Hammond and James may – has not commented on this event, otsutvie in his «Twitter» on the topic of what the show is better to watch this Sunday instead of TopGear.

Of course, we would be very unfortunate if many favorite program will lose the brightest of his master. And perhaps the most brilliant host in all of England. After all, Clarkson is a pillar on which everything rests. It was he who invented the format in which the show. But this year he ends contract, and there is a high probability that barefoot BBC refuse to renew it, and we do not hear his famous farewell: «And on that optimistic note…»

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