Jeff Bridges you’re reading from the day of its Foundation, you probably noticed how often we have in the picture is «the dude» from the movie «the Big Lebowski», aka Jeff Bridges – actor, producer, country musician, the owner of brutal appearance. And despite the fact that his face fitted perfectly in many of our articles, we somehow forgot to add it to the category of heroes. It may be nothing heroic and worthy of your attention in his personality? Let’s deal!

Jeff bridges was born in a family of actors 4 December 1949, at the age of 4 months made her debut in the TV series «Sea hunt» with his father Lloyd Bridges. Of course, his role was reduced to that just to be a baby father and did not bring him much popularity. But in 1971, already in a more Mature age, Jeff got his fame starring in the film «the Last picture show» and was nominated for » Oscar «Best supporting actor». By the way, the bridges was the youngest player (22 years), nominated for «Oscar».

Then it was more visible and significant roles and are more categories, but the recognition of the old Jeff was already at a more advanced age: in 2010, he hit the jackpot and was awarded three awards for the best male role in the film «Crazy heart» received an Oscar, Golden globe and screen actors Guild award nomination the United States. her acting career isn’t the only thing Jeff bridges himself glorifies and at the same time earning a living. He’s a country musician. And he started to play music as well as acting, since childhood, on the strict insistence of his mother he studied the piano. During the filming of «Heaven’s gate» in 1982, the actor played the guitar.

In General, music, Jeff worked a lot and he even had a dilemma: to become a musician or an actor. But even having made a choice in favor of cinema, bridges not stopped playing. He released his debut album «Be Here Soon» January 1, 2000. In 2005, Jeff bridges, known as «the dude» in the movie «the Big Lebowski», appeared on the Lebowski Fest (an annual festival that began in 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky, dedicated to the cult film «the Big Lebowski») in Los Angeles. Jeff sang the song from the movie «Man in himself», written by Bob Dylan. In 2014 at the same festival, he again sang this song, but he sings not just for Lebowski Fest, which in General, is not surprising.

In February 2010, Jeff bridges was among the nearly 80 musicians who sang the charity single remake of «We Are The World». 19 APR 2011 Country Music Television announced that bridges had signed a contract with the record company Blue Note Records/EMI Music Group. He worked with producer T-Bone Burnett and released his second album, which was named the Jeff bridges, August 16, 2011.

Film and music – seemingly so full of life, but no, our hero is fond of still photography, of course, as an Amateur, but this did not prevent him to upload your photos to the Internet (that now makes every mortal), and in 2003 to release a book of his work called «Pictures: Photographs by Jeff bridges».


What else a man needs for happiness, in addition to a successful career and favorite hobby? Of course, a loving woman, whom Jeff met back in 1977. Then, during the filming of «Rancho Deluxe», which was held at the ranch, Jeff was courting a pretty maid Susan Geston and allowed to bind themselves by those bonds. Now bridges – good family man and father of three daughters.

Well, the life of «the dude» was formed very well, there is something to envy and something to strive for. A great actor and a good man who is not when it comes to environmental problems, and child hunger. He, like many celebrities, is actively involved in charitable activities.

Not afraid to change their appearance for roles (refused computer graphics and make-up and shaved and cleaned his hair for the role in the movie «Iron man») and did not scruple to half-hour meditation before beginning work on the set.

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