Jay Adams — the master soundboard

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2014_KzLIbxMQ5ZokKThis guy know everyone connected with the world of skateboarders. J — man is a legend. He was recognized worldwide as a skateboarder, it was all the guys from the yard. He owned a deck like you, probably never will. Jay got on the Board when he was only four years old, slowly he tried to master this vehicle. At the time skate was very cool and fashionable thing. All the guys tried to learn to use not complicated in structure, but quite complex in the management of the Board.

Jay grew up with my mom and money the family had little, so the soundboard for himself, he did himself. Through their efforts soon, Adams mastered the skateboard and very skillfully learned to ride on him. Such works could not go unnoticed, and after a while Jay was invited to join the Z-Boys is a loud skeytbordistka team. Adams became one of the first members of the gang.

In 1974 Adams became the youngest member of the Z-Boys. Yes, he was the youngest, but this does not mean that he was experienced. Every day he polished his skills. In one interview he said, «Some children were born and raised on cookies and milk, and I was born and raised on surfing and skateboarding».

A year after joining the gang, he participated in competitions with the surf and took 3rd place in freestyle. After his statement, the jury noted a particular style of Z-Boys, which contrasted with the style of the era, which is still not depart from the established style in 1960. Adams launched a new wave, talking about it, because of his style and wanted to emulate.

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2014_Cr6IVLVJSKJD3Jay is the most enigmatic figure of modern skateboarding, about which virtually nothing is known. He was the face of an era, but do not tell about itself nothing remarkable. He created the most complex and incredible stunts, which could not always repeat itself the first time. However, these stunts were so revolutionary that they have not always led to success. To date, Jay Adams is considered the founder of all available modern techniques.

The fate of the Adams in the 80-ies and 90-ies is little known. There are just some facts and achievements such as: development of own model of skate, called Z-Flex and designed them in 2006, the Board Nazi-Skate. Jay was one of the founders of the magazine Juice Magazine, he was associated with gangster groups and actively used drugs. Adams covered head to toe covered in tattoos, including two swastikas on the back, saying that he was associated with the Nazi gangsters La Mercenaries.

Adams a total of about 9 stints in prisons of various maturities. Basically, condemned for beating and drugs. The freedom he had left his wife Alicia and son. Last time it was released in 2008 and 15 August 2014, he died of a heart attack. Here’s troubled life was the greatest skater. Between stints he was able to lead regular life of a rock guy. Together with his band he recorded a few songs for the album, which was released in 2007 «Welcome 2 Venice».

The Z-Boys were crazy boys in the early days of this Association, they went to the private cottage villages. Why? They poured the water of the pools and riding their boards at the blue bottom. Back in those days the gang started to have problems with the police. But they just wanted to ride!

James lived a happy and interesting life. The whole world knows it, it is taken as an example to novice skaters. He died early at 53. But he had already squeezed almost all of his life, which was very concentrated. And we remember old James scaturo surfer. It’s time to grab the deck and run to the ramp to improve your skills.


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