Jaguar overtook Jaguar«Jaguar» — the car, which is a dream of many guys. And some can’t even present itself in the machine cult brand. But, how much do you know about the company that produced this car dream, except that I write in automotive forums on the Internet? Today you will learn a little more about the history of «Jaguar», and even if you have not yet achieved financial success, and the purchase of the Jaguar you’re not in the next few years, to know the history of this brand will not be superfluous, at least in order to high in front of his girlfriend.

Like any brand, a name which on hearing, «Jaguar» has its own unique and interesting history. The firm has developed from a small enterprise for the production of motorcycle sidecars to the conventional English car company. So, you got, you’re the only one not yet to tear his fat ass off the couch, but do not worry, soon your time will come.

A major role in the creation of a «Jaguar» was played by an Irishman named William Lyons. This guy, who, like almost all great men studied at the school for threes and fours. Lessons from William loved sports. In those years, he knew he needed to open his business. Only until it was clear what kind.

Lyons was also interested in music and probably thought that with her he withdraws from life. After the first business with which he was dealing is a shop selling musical instruments that belonged to his father. But it is good that fate took him from this activity. Not that he played badly, just without him there would be such an iconic brand as Jaguar.

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_zlYM3sVeuvQNbWilliam realised that the music is not as relevant as vehicles. He immediately went in, but he was more attracted to motorcycles. And soon he managed to get to the garage Brown&Mallalieu. Of course, he immediately became a salesman, and has come a long way from a janitor to a mechanic. After some time he managed to collect some money and buy your first, rather beat-up car. But for a long time did not travel and it is soon sold, as he realized that his passion is motorcycles.

In 1921, Lyons met with the Walmsley family, but rather he made friends with their youngest son, William Walmsley. Look do not get confused, dude, now in the history of the two William. Lyons can be called just bill. Now, the bill at that time was 21, and Walmsley was 9 years older than him. William did a very stylish sidecar in the garage of their parents, this guy was really very cool taste.

The speed he was small, he made one stroller a week, of course, the guy had no assistants. Bill seemed to bring them closer to the neighborhood and common interests. Bill had great taste, sense of style and business acumen, these qualities were decisive in the formation of the brand.

The guys quickly realized that they needed to unite they knew that the motorcycle business is promising and profitable. Therefore, they have not pulled and signed a partnership agreement. Soon there were a place to work. Gradually accumulated state — four men and one boy. Like all young companies, it was difficult, but the energy and commitment bill did the trick.

manygoodtips.com_28.08.2014_pno4vCBEQJ8jlLaborers who were hired into a new company subsequently took the leading positions. But by the time they are very long and worked hard in their torn and tattered shirts. Soon the company began to develop and the orders continued to grow. After Henlys large order for 500 cars with the delivery of 20 cars per week bill and Hives realized that it was time to move to a freer place.

The guys moved to a new location. And the company continued to flourish. The order has grown steadily, and will and bill worked to create new models. In the 30-ies appeared familiar names of cars, the S. S. and Jaguar. Yet within ten years the company continued to manufacture motor carriages.

Slip of their cars was that they created cars with a great design, but the inside left much to be desired. So bill continued to work on new models, it was necessary to move on. Just at this time appears the name of the company S. S. Cars.

In the forties, the company changed the concept. Outside the Second World people don’t have the beautiful cars. Need meaningful support of the army. Therefore, the «Jaguar» resumes the production of motorcycle sidecars and perform government contracts.

It takes another ten years and now the Jaguar is a great company that has practically reached its peak of popularity. Now, every year the company continues to grow along with the volume of orders. This is not a small garage in the backyard of my parents ‘ house. This is the name that the whole world knows to this day.

Thanks to the hard work of the creators of the brand now cars Jaguar — a measure of wealth and power. The silhouette of this car with nothing to confuse about it sigh millions of men before bed.


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