Jaguar C-Type legendary Stirling moss

The man should well be able two things: make love and drive a car.

– Stirling moss –If you love Motorsport and I remember how he used to be, if you know what Formula 1 60 years differs from the Formula-1 twenty-first century, you surely know who Stirling moss is, and why he earned the title of biggest loser formula. British Motorsport legend often fought for the title, he received an insane amount of victories behind the wheel of many cars, but he was desperately unlucky at the finish. However, he has plenty of other merits like a victory in the Targa Florio 1955 or 24-hour of driving in Le Mans.

«24 hours Le-Mana» is an epic race, the oldest of the now existing, among other things. Of course, at this race, been Stirling moss. And he had his own special and cool car – racing Roadster Jaguar C-Type offered for sale in Monte Carlo on the eve of the historic Grand Prix. Auction will be held on may 13, next year. And the initial cost is $ 7.5 million. If you ever watched such auctions, you clearly understand that the price will rise exponentially. Put in $ 30 million, no less.

Jaguar C-Type, of course, unlike the usual pipeline model. It was constructed in 1952 and the first pilot was Peter Walken. Then the Roadster was able to get a unique aerodynamic body, which in no way influenced the outcome of the race in 1952. In 1953 he returned to standard body, and the machine saw a number of outstanding races: Mille Maglia a thousand miles, Targa Florio and, of course, British Championships British Empire Trophy.

If you talk specifically about cars, the Jaguar C-Type was intended mainly for racers. It was produced from 1951 to 1953, the design was developed by Bob knight and Malcolm Sayer’s specially for Le Mans racing. Released was only 53 cars and each cost 2350 pounds. Expensive available, in those days, some racers.


Motor — R6, volume 3442 cm3;

Maximum power is 200 horsepower;

The maximum speed is 230 kilometers per hour;

Acceleration to 100 kilometres — 8 seconds;

Transmission — 4 speed manual;

Suspension rear semi-elliptic leaf, front independent;

Weight 453 kilograms.

The car has retained its original form, which certainly warms the soul of any car collector.

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