Jacques Cousteau — the man is a legend

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His childhood I could imagine without Jacques Cousteau, enthusiastically watched his transfer type «Underwater Odyssey team Cousteau.» With difficulty, I could then imagine that suddenly Cousteau in 1997, it was a real blow for me, a lover of adventure. Cousteau was not only a legendary researcher but also an inventor, who invented the aqualung. It is difficult to imagine that this invention some 70 years ago was not, and now diving courses can be found on either coast. Even harder to imagine is that Cousteau — the first man who has turned in all seriousness to make a full scuba gear without any limitations, even more surprising that this legend lived with me.

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Father of Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a Belarusian, and his real name was Bush. He came to France to work and stayed there, having met a beautiful Frenchwoman. Many patriots can get involved in this event, but I will just say that, in my opinion, Cousteau was not the nationality he was a citizen of the world. As a child, Jacques was a sickly child and was seven years old suffered from chronic enteritis (hmm… disease of the rectum). Doctors advised the boy not to bother loads, and the disease did the boy really skinny.

Constant relocation due to the father’s work (he was a lawyer) tempered lad and instilled in him a passion for travel. At the age of 12 (!) the boy got his first car on batteries from a variety of waste electronics. Cousteau sold the small electronic forgery-inventions and earned his first money. So he has gained for his first camera. But despite the many Hobbies that Cousteau gave himself and which he was good on «cheers», studies eluded him until my parents moved the boy to a specialized boarding school, where he graduated with honors.

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Sincerely in love with the sea, Cousteau entered the Higher national military school, after which went to the middle East to fight. But in 1936 he suffered a terrible accident and severely injured his spine. Long months of rehabilitation were not in vain: Cousteau invented the first comfortable goggles for scuba diving. Well, and met his future wife.

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Later, when a sore spine finally ceased to make itself felt, Jacques met a naval officer Philip Taye, shared the passion Cousteau to the sea. Along with another cool dude Frederic Dumas bro start your research. Then Cousteau, the first time was submerged in 1936 in his glasses for snorkeling, realized that the world under water is no less beautiful than the world on land. Now Jacques knew that he wanted to explore what is under the sea level.

Some points were too few, and Cousteau along with his good friend, engineer Emile Gananam builds the first suit with independent oxygen supply system. In 1943 they feel it and understand what the invention really works! During the Second world invention Cousteau was used to clean the seabed min. from the German During the war, Cousteau invented the camera underwater camera and takes a few films.

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The creation of the aqualung brought him the first money, in 1946, they began to be produced on an industrial scale. The money Cousteau bought a decommissioned minesweeper of the British Navy and called it «Calypso», refitting it in the station for the exploration of the sea. Money for his studies, Cousteau decided to produce a very original way: he was making educational films about the life of the deep sea. Voice-over Cousteau with a terrible French accent reading the text on their research. Original genre and unexplored world under the sea attracted attention to the draft Cousteau, in 1956 for the film «the silent world» Jacques received the «Oscar», «Golden Palm branch» and a scattering of smaller awards. Along the way, Cousteau invented a small submarine that is called «diving saucer» for studies of the sea bottom at great depths. Also on the TV comes the first season of «the Underwater Odyssey of Jacques Cousteau». I wept much, friend.

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All Cousteau for his films have won three «Oscar» awards are smaller do not believe. Research and discoveries Cousteau influenced the whole world. It opened a few underwater cities in the Mediterranean, it by order of the governments of Muslim countries opened off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula’s richest oil fields. This person has extensively studied the fauna and flora of almost all known seas, even in Antarctica looked. He has received hundreds of awards for studies of the characteristics of underwater animals, Cousteau made many discoveries and has participated in obtaining a Magnus effect.

Cousteau also worried about the ecology of the marine environment and created a society to protect it, which is called «the Cousteau Society». During these years, the tragedy claimed the life of the youngest son of Cousteau, who took part in the expedition: his seaplane fell into the water, and the body was never found.

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The nineties began for Cousteau is not the best time. «The Cousteau society» was accused of tax evasion, was seized a good portion of the property of the researcher. The eldest son Cousteau tried to use the name of the father, in order to better sell their goods, and Jacques was actively suing him for it. In 1997, Cousteau died of a heart attack of a myocardium. He was 87 years old and he is still alive in our memory. Because he’s cool, my friend, and we absolutely do not care that he was concealing taxes or not.

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