Jacque fresco on how to make the world better

Some call Jacque fresco a sage, others pseudopsychology and a fool. Some people admire Jacques, calling him her inspiration and example for others to follow, while others hate it monotonous senile Bosnia. Some have taken his philosophy and try to match it, developing Frackowski «the Venus Project» and others call all of his draft quackery. Yes, he is very ambiguous, although at first not seem like it.

Fresco sometimes forgets about innate instincts, survival conditions and other things that prevent us from living, cursing the religion, the power, but it’s the little things. In global terms he is absolutely right, it is no wonder it is called the last living sage. The old digs for details. But all for a common goal — to make the world (country) better.



«Apparently, my teacher didn’t like: she grabbed my ear and dragged me all the way to the principal’s office. She complained to the Director: «He doesn’t want to pledge allegiance to the flag.» The Director looked at the teacher and said, «You’re free to go back to class.»

He hugged me and said, «Why don’t you give the pledge of allegiance? Everyone is doing it», I replied — «When everyone believed that the earth was flat, but flat it was not». He asked: «what do you think about American history?», I tell the very essence of what changed me, I said, «In the history books, everyone says the right things and doing well, it’s not like these people, they’re wrong, make the wrong judgment, but it’s not in the history books, they are all right.»


Then he asked: «what do you think about the methods of teaching in our school?». I said, «When the teacher tells the child it’s wrong — it doesn’t give him any information for development, or «That’s not what I told you, there’s no information.» He asked: «what is information?», and I said, «When a child writes the word «MiG» with the letter «K», say «Almost right, rewrite the first 2 letters and replace «K» with «g» but does not say simply — «wrong» because it has no…», he said, «I’ll have to call your mother.» I said, «Do what you have.»

My mother came in tears, as usual — «What’s he done?», he said: «Nothing he has not done, but I guess our school it is not very suitable,» she excitedly «Oh my God, what will happen to him?», he says: «I don’t think you should worry about it, because I’m going to take him to the bookstore and buy any books he wants and let him read them in the school, and I’ll rope off a place for it and he will have to come to me once a week and report on what he reads and why he reads.»This story, as you can guess from his stories, what happened at school when he, being extremely intelligent for his age child, refused to swear allegiance to the flag. Some see this as the usual show-off a simple Jewish poca. By the way, about the origin, many people somehow think he’s French or Spanish roots, which is only partly true. Fresco is a Sephardic Jew, a descendant of those Jews who were Fernando and Isabella ruthlessly expelled from Spain in the 15th century. Yes, as sung in the legendary verses: «all about Jews». But Yevgeny Petrosyan — Armenian father and mother of the Armenians.

Well, we brought this quotation to arrange a trial of the brazen teenager who by and large simply show off.

Fresco himself said that to think globally taught him beloved grandfather, so Junior just relayed the underlying knowledge. Here I admire the approach of the Director, unfortunately, such teachers are less than gold grains in the mud of the riverbank.

Don’t make a judgment over who is not like the other, as if defiant he was, no matter what doctrines he did not pursue. Be sure to listen to any point of view, do not rush to make judgment. It was he who encouraged the talent of fresco, and who knows what would happen to Jacques if not given opportunities. By the way, someone from the great said that the top talent is the ability to discover talent. So our reverence for this wonderful Director. But encouraging them to show off, as Jacques would not recommend, not everyone will understand, it is much easier to eliminate the objectionable than encouraged.


Most important to me was how these people were distributed among the resources are literally opened my eyes. It was then that I realized how catastrophic the consequences of the deficit and how much it affects people’s behaviour and forming their values. On the island, after catching a fish, the natives just went and gave it to everyone around. Fish was so much that it was enough for all and even beyond that. The problems begin when, for one reason or another are not able to feed the whole tribe. In this case, human behavior varies: they begin to hide their food, steal, cheat and even fight.In 1939-1940, the fresco was on the Islands of Tuamotu, where very tight communicate with the natives. Their life has made Jacques a lasting impression, we can say that they opened his eyes to the corruption of the world. Survival kills a human and turns into animals. Instead to solve the problem together, any society with fury, fighting for its survival.



«Throughout time, the main motivation that encouraged me to do what I do, it was the contemplation of the infinite wars, crises, useless human suffering, poverty, corruption and indifference of government to people’s problems. Serious incentives for me have always been the incompetence of governments and the almost complete absence of proposals from the scientific community.


Unfortunately, most people just don’t see the overall picture of a narrow specialization in individual Sciences and disciplines prevents a universal understanding of reality.

Scientists and politicians look at the problems that arise from within the system in which they reside, while this system is the main cause of these problems in the first place. I’m very disappointed in those who are so strenuously working on the problems of formation of other planets, when our native Land is still war, poverty and disregard for the environment.»One of the greatest shocks for the fresco became the Great depression. Seems raw enough, and the plants are. So paralyzed society the lack of money.

Saying that people don’t see the overall picture, Fresco has in mind is a global mindset, and the reluctance of people to look at the world a little more to understand things that go beyond their duties. Actually, it is global thinking and intervention are at the heart of one of the first projects of the Venus project.


When you learn to forget his EGO in favor of the exchange of ideas — this will be the beginning of real progress. Don’t forget, when you meet a man with a huge ego, he’s just trying to maintain the position of superiority.That’s the whole secret of human brake. Only to convince narcissistic turkeys — the problem.


They really believe that some guy sitting in heaven created man and woman, placed them in a wonderful garden and, of course, then kicked them out and this guy loves everyone and everything, by the way.As they say, classic. Want listen, want not, but said well.



We need to learn not to overestimate people. Your expectations — that’s the cause of your problems.

It is time to get used to the fact that humanity tends to disappoint. This is not the position of the pessimist, rather, the position of a reasonable person.


We declare it is unfair, that man is the highest stage of evolution that is taught in school. Man destroys the oceans, the fish, the atmosphere and other people. Flying over a city, presses a button and burns everybody in the city with nuclear weapons. He is the highest creation of nature? Yet, in my opinion. We have a long way to go. We could either develop Paradise on Earth or oblivion and fall into oblivion. Only the future will answer. What will it be — depends on us.In almost every speech Fresko voice shaking predicted a quick death of the Earth, if we (humanity) won’t take on the head. Or, alternatively, will not follow his example, and will not join the Venus project. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why many people don’t want to follow his projects.

But if you think about it he’s right. The destruction of resources and nuclear weapons are not going to benefit. So, they solve the problem of overpopulation of the planet, but not in the same way.


When the government spends $ 500 billion on defense industry and only two billion in the research environment of our habitat, it is worth considering whether on Earth there is intelligent life.This life. Why look for ways to make the lives of all people on Earth better if a lot easier to dialogue from a position of strength. The number of guns does not mean that you live in a perfect society, it only shows how much money goes to these scary toys.



You are doing similar to make it easier to manage. When the war begins, you turn to the patriots.

The essence of patriotism in two sentences. You know what else is bad? The patriots don’t want to make the world better, they want their country was better than others. And then war, threats, falling aircraft, and wonder why we are better off.


Money is important in a society in which resources necessary for survival, normalized, and people accept money as a medium of exchange for scarce resources. Money is a social Convention, or agreement. They are not a natural resource and does not represent this. They wouldn’t be considered as a means of survival, if only we were not told that we ought to treat it as such.Blue dream fresco — logic to build a society without money, where personalities like attorneys and politicians simply do not exist (they will not be necessary). With the emergence of commodity-money relations, humanity purposefully made himself a slave to the financial system. From the crisis in relative prosperity.

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