Jackie Chan — «Chen born in Hong Kong»

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Few people do not know Jackie Chan. This can happen only if the person has spent the last thirty years in an underground bunker, where no one had any extraneous information.

Movies Jackie first takes crazy scary, and incredible stunts, charisma of the Chan and the fact that this dude does everything himself, often breaking her part of the body. And despite the fact that he would be almost 60 years. Everyone would have to continue as Norris and Chan. And all that? Right: martial arts, sports and healthy lifestyle.

Real name Jackie Chen Gansen — or, as follows from the title, «Chen born in Hong Kong». Parents Chan was frankly poor, even wanted to sell the future great actor of the English obstetrician for 1500 Hong Kong dollars. But then, thank the Buddha, he changed his mind. At the age of six years our hero was in the Peking Opera school, where the guy not only taught to hold in public, but also to do various acrobatic stunts. Jackie in the early years, I was surprised people with its agility, flexibility and individuality (which, in the opinion of the European in China is not enough). In addition, Chan doing kung fu, which also adds to his pluses. The first role Jackie started very early, most in the theater, but there were movie roles. Unfortunately, many tapes have not survived.

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The first major steps in his career Jackie began work as a stuntman in various films. Not see smart and hard-working Chinese was difficult. In the movie «Snake in eagle’s shadow» Chan not only comes up with all the tricks, but just good plays, making it a very promising guy. The film «Drunken master» was a revolutionary at the time, the style — it was a Comedy with fighting. Chan did not put it in the jacket, so a large part of all the fun mahany arms and legs, followed by the antics of our «drunken master», looks unnatural, especially for a generation that did not catch the era of the VHS-fighters, and watched the fighters already with more or less staged fights. But in a film for its time very good, funny and interesting.

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And so began the career of Jackie Chan. Of a kind Jackie is really the only one on this look, and immediately realize that he needs to achieve something, no matter what. Not only that, this man is talent-Laden, so he is a very studious person, you can even say that stubborn. In his first film «Snake in eagle’s shadow» Chan knocked out tooth and cut actor blade that actually have to be stupid. The blood in the film is real. It’s scary.

It is difficult to figure out in what movie Jackie no injuries (for some reason comes to mind is the new «Karate kid»), the feeling that Jackie thinks that if a movie without injuries, you should not release it in cinemas. Or Chan goes and breaks something for yourself. The most severe injury he, in a cruel twist of fate managed to get while shooting the film «Armour of God», after which they became interested in serious people. Chan had to jump from the castle wall to a tree, but did not hold on and fell with an almost fifteen-meter height head right on the stone. The result will surprise you cooler here this Assembly: trauma to the base of the skull, bleeding in the brain. The trauma was very serious: my right ear Chan still hears worse than the left. The Chan pleases us tricks, performing them himself, he can love. Although we are still not clear as Chan’s still alive with such injuries.

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«Armour of God» has earned Jackie the reputation of a truly good guy who gets into various scrapes, but solves them thanks to his agility, luck and superhuman abilities. This is due to the desire of Chan himself to be so anti-Bruce Lee. If Bruce Lee in his films were serious warrior collected, the more Chan was the guy that abruptly waving his legs. It is in a sense negative impact on his career, although some Jackie movies, such as «1911» about the Chinese revolutionary, perfectly showed that he can play different roles. It’s kind of sverkaet! «Rush hour» (and its second part) did Chan «his » Chinese» that is quite true: Chan deserved it. The number of awards Jackie is also a kind of incredible, it is exceeded only by the number of traumas. Chan even managed to become a knight of the order of the British Empire.

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Despite popular belief, Chan still uses the services of doubles. In the movie «the Tuxedo», for example, had seven. Most likely, the doubles (we want to believe it) appeared to give Jackie to somehow recover from old wounds.

The good news can be called desire-Chan to star in the third installment of «the Expendables.» We will see how 60-year-old Chan shakes the old man.

Movies Jackie Chan has convinced a large number of Russian children of the nineties era, that the Chinese by nature are able to ride on walls, and mother’s milk learn kung fu, like Neo in «the Matrix». Hell, we generally still feel the same way.

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