Jack from Titanic could have survived

The popular film «Titanic» is not left without attention and leading the TV show «Mythbusters» on the Discovery channel, Adam and Jamie. As always, they conducted an experiment during which found out that Jack could survive if the couple showed a little ingenuity.

In the film, Jack could not get on the chip, as he could not stand the weight of two persons, in consequence of which died of hypothermia, thereby breaking the hearts of many fans of «Titanic.» But if the heroine rose took the lifejacket and put it under the chip, then Jack could get on him, and be saved instead of with his girlfriend.

To test this theory of «Mythbusters» made a dummy of gelatin with an internal heater. The temperature was set at 36.6 degrees, after which he dressed in wet clothes, put on floated the raft and cooled water up to -1 degrees. After 45 minutes, and so he continued the search for surviving passengers of «Titanic» dummy «rescued».

This experiment showed that up to the moment when Jack found, his body temperature would drop to 27.7 degrees, and it was still possible to save. But, the film’s Director James Cameron decided the fate of Jack in his own way, and stressed that this is a sad story.

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