Jack black: all of life through the prism of rock-n-roll

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2015_iNb2CblgDW6EDJack black — the man whose name, thanks to «futurescope» Bender and the famous card game made to change places. But as you don’t change (blackjack – Jack black, he has always been and continues to be a funny fat man with the strange antics and rock-n-roll soul.

«Today, I only wish once and for all eliminate hair on his chest. I believe that a true hero should be a smooth body.»It can be treated differently. Some wildly annoyed by his endless and monotonous affectation in various movies. Alas, but the fact is that black everywhere is pretty monotonous. Others, on the contrary, captures his irrepressible energy and has all edges of expression. And others… others just don’t know about whom we are talking. And the truth is, we don’t know heroes, but it should. Just for starters would not hurt to know who Jack black in the first place – a musician with the gift of a comedian or actor, went to a Comedy for a living, but at heart remains a real rock and roll.

In Hollywood many actors, fun for the sake of recording a couple of albums. With black things are different, he lives music. So not some kind of club stuff, or new-fangled indie, and the same insane, like himself, like his antics, rock-n-roll. For black music is a spoonful of heavenly, and the guitar brings him real pleasure. He is so involved in music that even married the cellist. No wonder the best role of Jack the ones where he had to appear with a guitar, for example, in «the Fanatic», where he helped the hero of John kusaka in his small shop of CDs. When the hero black talks about music, it becomes clear that he knows firsthand. Well, the legendary «school of the year»– business card Jackie.

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2015_eDYmZwEvu2Bo9Although in his films there is a huge quantity of branded antics, a fountain pouring from every second of the episode, they do not irritate, because is very organic black joined in this role. Stout Bumpkin struggling to look like a rock star as Andy van Halen, and it turns out he truly believe and sympathize. Why? Yes, because him and play nothing had, because he itself is. This is partly shown in the epic blockbuster «the pick of destiny» where the still was a big part autobiographical. Two fat men (a second played Kyle Gass, the bosom friend of Jack’s, about which more will be said a lot) from all the forces trying to become stars like Dio and Motorhead. And I must say that black, due to its natural, still managed to be a rock incarnation of Hollywood. For example, Bowie didn’t. Although they are difficult to compare. While black played charismatic sons of bitches Bowie – the arrogant characters like the Goblin king and Pontius Pilate.

«I can’t separate his film career from music. If I hadn’t played rock, it is unlikely to be achieved something in the movie, and Vice versa. Movie and rock-n-roll – like Siamese twins.»But what we’re all about the music but about the music. Much earlier mastering first chords, our hero gained experience in the acting profession. His career began in a production of Tim Robbins in 1989 at the Edinburgh festival. We must pay tribute to the protagonist of «the Shawshank redemption»: being a famous actor, he was directing plays, giving a chance to the little-known actors.

First role in a big movie Jack got out of hand Robbins political satire «Bob Roberts». In interesting film, which was derided by sleek American politics, all attention was focused on Robbins, which even the music for the film was written (activity inspired our hero to further twists in the career?). On black especially did not pay attention, but the launch was put. Of course, the hero-lover with this grimacing idiot could not get out, but the Directors did not seem to notice his violent comic inside. And Jack was in no hurry to show it. He look at the list of films in which he played: «Water world», «enemy of the state», «the Jackal» (where he had to run with a broken hand) – movies fun.

There were two Comedy – crazy «Mars attacks», where he openly lost under the multitude of stars of the first magnitude, such as pierce Brosnan, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito and Martin short. The second controversial «the cable Guy» where he got the role of best friend Matthew Broderick. Although the novice actor, who starred only in the episodes, no one was expecting a really good game, just a seat. Black’s character was so sad and thin that even I begin to doubt if this is really it? However, this film no one went to the test, because absolutely all the characters were crushed by the machine of the humor of Jim Carrey.

Work.com.ua_16.07.2015_2Mu8Ze500ZA37His real moment of glory black got all in the same «Fanatic», where it first appeared before us in the form in which we are accustomed to see him. Came out of the Jack a serious actor too, he looked unnatural in this role. And here, as in ease, and even managed to show his talent. The film, of course, rests on excellent scripts and disappointment the main character in the performance kusaka, but Jack noticed and began to strongly call for a comedic role in the legendary Comedy show. I agree, it would be strange if he hadn’t called at least once «Saturday Night Live». Even then, understood the nature of rock-n-roll comedian and began to call him in different shows like «Primetime Glick», «The Osbournes» in the musical and movie of the ceremony.

And then, like a bolt from the blue has sounded the «school of the year», where students were doing a rock band thirty overgrown schoolboy. It is unclear who it was infantile. Since then, everything from small children to adults uncles who seduce love black to a good classic rock – loved it. The demonic eyebrows have become an integral part of the image of the musician-the artist.

«I like to be the king of kids, than the Prince of fools.»Jack became recognized and loved, he was invited primarily in Comedy, but suddenly it started to look good in more or less serious films. In «king Kong,» he just wasn’t himself. And if the «Holiday» was a little unsettled by the antics of the actor, then the role of the tortured problems of the filmmaker he looked perfect. Do not think that the image of black rests on one antics. In the glorious Comedy «Black envy» he played a blessed, good-natured, sincere believer in friendship, without the usual set phrases, bulging eyes, demonically kept eyebrows and vocals. As the voice of the main character «Kung Fu Panda» in the name. Cute goof voiced sweet Bumpkin – it’s all here. However, it seemed that everything is in place and in «Gulliver’s Travels», but these expectations resulted in a nomination for «Razzie». Not only that, the movie was, to put it mildly, not very (although it is believed that you can not judge the family movies), and Jack black plays Gulliver is Jack black started to tire towards the end of the film. But where he cannot tire, so it is in music.

Back in 1989 year, directed by Tim Robbins. Then occurred the legendary introduction between our hero, who was only 20 years old, and thus Kyle Gescom who was older than 9 years. First, the actors hated each other, see each other only competitors, but then we became friends. Kyle was a bad actor and a good musician, have black things were different. As a result, they began to pull each other missing skills, all of which resulted in the band called Tenacious D. until 1994, the group had no name, and at one of the concerts they gave the public a chance to choose any team name. The audience offered many options, but the majority voted for entirely different name (lost to history). Yes, the band that is called «sends» his favorite. Well, we don’t mind.

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2015_V5jhEsHquJOPmBy 2000, it turned out that Kyle’s lessons were not in vain. Jack began to sing like an angel, and in the early 2000s, after appearing in a number of satirical show, the group began to give quite a large concerts. It has already established itself as satirical, and had nowhere to retreat. Serious rock ballads of the people hardly understand, so black with Gescom had to continue to joke and music scene, good write interesting texts they can. But it’s one thing to sing a truly absurd texts, and quite another – to make great music. Acting is the expression of black, his good vocal skills Gessa led to believe in every note and every joke. Laugh laugh, but the music both very seriously, for which he received a Grammy nomination for «Best Metal Performance». Prior to this nomination won mastodons like Slayer, Iron Maiden, Metallica.

«If Beethoven, Bach and Mozart got together and created a group, you would be able to approach the level of Tenacious D.»

Jack blackI think that those who do not know English, very lucky, they may perceive such songs as «Tribute» for absolutely serious work as it actually is. Great rock with a poetic satire in the best traditions of Meat loaf – what else is necessary for happiness? Fans excited leaving on YouTube under the song Rise of the Fenix, comments like «Rise of my penis». By the way, this «rise» can be observed in famous musicians. Anyway, Ronnie James dio, whom the children adored, and treated their music with great sympathy and had even agreed to appear in a wonderful «pick of destiny». Hard to refuse when they offer you the role of God. Like the work «Die D» and the patriarchs with Led Zeppelin. By the way, if it is good to listen and watch this video, you notice that under the impression of which «zeppelinesque» songs were created «Tribute,» and that, in General, «The greatest and best song in the world» has already been written in 1971.

If you still doubt that Tenacious D are a good band, look at their triumphant performance at the Rock am Ring, listen to all the songs, pay attention to the reaction of the crowd. Not limited to only one listening to «I wanna fuck her».

But the pinnacle of musical greatness black was, oddly enough, a computer game, the most brutal in the history of game making – Brutal Legend, in which the main character – Eddie Riggs – charged black and his lamentations that «rock is not the same», absolutely reflected the worldview of the Jack. He had it sounded. I must say that the pleasure from the destruction of the hellish creatures power and axe, evoking the infernal machine by a guitar solo worth the money the game money. This is the most metal game ever, and without Jack she would not be.

Poradi.s.ua_16.07.2015_uoYpWH25Ly4LHIn real life our hero – the same nice funny guy, and so on. But most importantly, he knows how to make friends. Kyle Gescom they are best friends already since 1989, and even baptized children to each other. His favorite actor, Gary Oldman (black himself admitted that Harry had a big influence on him. Well, you know who (hint: «Sid and Nancy»), noted that to communicate with Jack is a pleasure. Oh, and Ben Stiller, with whom the actor also leads a close friendship, once said: «If you do not know who to call, call black, can’t go wrong». Still, success success, creativity creativity, but when you find out that your favorite actor or musician – a good boy, getting very nice.

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