Ivan Poddubny — 118 kilograms force


In the early nineteenth century, the struggle was considered the «Queen of sports» — so: the fashion consists of thousands and one factor. Russia was the birthplace of these athletes, and all because of Ivan Maksimovich Poddubny. Then he was considered a true giant: growth — as many as 184 centimeters, by modern standards, we can say that it is a bit above average (grow with), but according to the old standards giant. However, other characteristics of Ivan was very even: weight — 118 kg, biceps — 46 cm, chest: 134 cm on the exhale, thigh 70 cm, neck 50 see Inspire.

In some ways Ivan proved that the strength and body type are inherited. Ivan’s father — Maksim — owned exceptional growth, great strength and Constitution. They often fought with his father for the amusement of the locals. Like everything amazing in this world, the first step on the path to sports Ivan made from unrequited love: Alenka, Vitak first love is giant, did not want to give to the poor, so Ivan sent his foot to work in Stavropol, where he planned to gain more gold and to get her hands thrust is laudable.


Fourteen hours a day, our hero worked in the port, easily dragging heavy bags and boxes. After he came to Theodosia, where he rented a room with two sailors who told Ivan about the usefulness of training and exercise. And the circus arrived. Ivan Beskorovainy circus. Besides a standard set of guttaperchivye girls/boys, jugglers and magicians, the program was strongmen and wrestlers with whom it was possible to measure force. Poddubny decided to take part and suffered its first crushing defeat. This gave the future champion a robust design motivation: not only that, our hero quit drinking and Smoking, so he completely changed his habits and started each day with a 32-pound weights and 112-pound barbell. Began to harden.

So Poddubny came to the circus. Celebrity ladies dream and it became almost immediately. He fought with a lot of people on the sashes, and the most famous was his trick with a Telegraph pole. The essence protsedurki was that on the back Poddubny was placed Telegraph pole, with two ends of a pole hung at the 10 and dragged him down. It all ended that post just broke under strong back Poddubny.


But that all changed when from St. Petersburg Ivan received a telegram in which someone was invited athlete to the «important conversation.» As it turned out, it was the invitation of the Chairman of the St. Petersburg society of athletic count Ribotpierre, become a real fighter classic fight. Poddubny has allocated coach and premises, and training began immediately.

All this was in order to lead the Russian people to Paris to compete in Greco-Roman wrestling, where Ivan was already waiting for 130 opponents. Ivan has won 11 times in a row, and he had a duel with the boss — the crowd favorite, handsome enormous growth and placestostay Raoul Le Boucher. This fight was difficult and epic. It turned out that Raoul was smeared with some oily vehicle, so Poddubny could not to grab him. The judges stopped the fight, but failed to offer anything better than every five minutes to wipe Raul towel. The battle lasted an hour, no one could win, but slippery in all possible senses de Bush was declared the winner, because he perfectly walked away from the attack. It is clear, easy to get away from attacks when you’re slippery! However, in the future, Raul will be counted. When it comes to Peter the next time will be a revenge, a cunning Frenchman will offer Ivan the money bag that he refused to fight, but he not only refuses the money, but also make de Bush to suffer in the full sense of the word. Twenty minutes under the hooting of the crowd de Bush was on his knees, crushed Poddubny, who thus decided to punish Raoul for fraud.


Then Poddubny was a happy time victories and other joys, until 1910, then as that fight was, the revolution-S. Sometimes their performances in the cities Poddubny began (as he said) «if white, and finished — with red». In 1910 it was perhaps the most famous anecdote with Poddubny. Appeared in Paris the first school of JIU-jitsu, which was founded by one Japanese martial arts master. New art was surprised, because a small person can easily fought people bigger and stronger than him. Against the Japanese put Poddubny. The first punch-cutting master JIU-jitsu knocked Ivan off his feet, his quick attack was extremely surprising straightforward Poddubny. But it ended with the fact that Ivan just grabbed the Japanese in kimono and broke his hip, his thigh, as if it was just a stick. Why is he showing off? In 1922 Poddubny in the fifties came back in the ring.

The Soviet government respected athlete. In 1939 he even gave the order of the red banner of Labor.


Old age came to Poddubny in the era of the occupation. The Germans, who occupied Yeysk, knew what this strange white-haired strong man who easily throws Wehrmacht soldiers of the taverns, when they get drunk, as the bags of hay. The Nazis respected Poddubny, gave him 5 kg of meat per month and even called to his home to become a trainer, but he strongly refused.

The life Poddubny was interesting, only in love, he was not very happy. Most women want only the money, one of the giant fell from a great height at the circus, the other ran away with a rich officer. A strong body, and high demand also came Poddubny side. After the war began a great famine rations, which were given for a month, had Poddubny. In addition, he broke his hip. Poddubny died in 1949.

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