Ivan Kozhedub — thrice hero of the Soviet Union

It’s time to write about a hero who became famous in the great Patriotic war for its feats of arms. After all, these people forged the victory. Ivan Kozhedub became the hero of the Soviet Union three times in a row! In the country’s history this award was granted to only three men: actually, Kozhedub, Marshal and Minister of defense Semyon Budyonny and the pilot Alexander Pokryshkin. The hero of this article was the most successful among the pilots of the Soviet Union and airmen of the allied forces in World war II. On account of his 64 victories in air battles. His hero Ivan Nikitovich got almost 70 years ago, on 4 February 1944. At the time he was 24 years old. Three times hero of the Soviet Union showed by his example that one can be a warrior.

Born in the village in a poor family Church warden, Ivan Nikitovich was the youngest of five children. The boy was born after a horrendous famine. Joeís father was a man of his low origin is surprisingly educated and intelligent. In between the hard work he was reading children books and even wrote poetry. But not only a good education at home gave his devout son of the Church warden. Dad kept boy in rigor, but within reason. In five years, the van has watched the garden from thieves, awake all night. It seemed a strange thing: the thieves at that time were rare guests. In a more conscious age Kozhedub asked the father why he sent him to guard the garden, which no one really was not needed. The mayor replied that it was only in order to bring in the son persistence to the test.


After high school, the future hero entered the College of chemical technology, he worked in the library. Ivan Kozhedub, like Yuri Gagarin, treated aviation as a hobby. As well as the first man in space, he went to the Aero club, where he showed himself a budding pilot. Service in the army finally gave Ivan the confidence in choosing a future profession. He finishes with honors from flight school and he, as one of the best students were invited to stay at the position of pilot-instructor. At the time he flew to the «UT-2» and «16».

During the war the young pilot was evacuated along with his entire flight school in Kazakhstan. Kozhedub passionately asked the command to send him to the front to beat the Germans. It was granted only in 1942. In November of the same year, Ivan Nikitovich arrived in Ivanovo, where he formed the 240 th fighter regiment, 302 th fighter division. Six months later, Kozhedub flew to war on the Voronezh front.


The first air battle was for the future as rather unfortunate. He was shot down by a turn, «Messerschmitt-109», on top of everything else Soviet anti-aircraft guns accidentally fell in his La-5. With great difficulty Kozhedub flew the plane, but the restoration of the combat vehicle could not be. The famous pilot wanted to suspend from flying, moving him to the post alert. For young talent has stood the squadron commander. The pilot did not disappoint the trust of his superiors, and in summer, Ivan was awarded the rank of second Lieutenant, and later he became the Deputy commander. On 6 July 1943 at Kursk Kozhedub shot down his first German plane. They were bomber «Junkers» Ju-87″. The next day Ivan repeated his feat, and on July 9 was shot down by two fighter. In August 1943, the Grand pilot appointed commander of the squadron.

30 September 1943 Ivan was accompanied by the crossing of the troops across the Dnieper. The young pilot, who was left in the air without cover, beheld in the distance the German «Junkers». Even if it was reckless, but Kozhedub sent his plane in their slender wedge. Future famous ACE was able to invade level opponents. German bombers was confused order ceased to bomb a convoy of troops and regrouped to attack. Gathered in time, the pilot noticed stray from the «pack» Junkers Ju-87″, which was shot down. The bombers had to retreat. After the battle, Ivan Nikitovich said that after a fairly often repeated: «do not Fight the number and skill!»

But three days later, Ivan had really hard times. Kozhedub with his comrades in the service covered area on the Bank of the river on the nine planes La-5 (the pilots called them «Lavochkin»). Appeared in the sky a formation of bombers «Junkers-87» of the nine planes, covering six fighters «Me-109». Kozhedub and his comrades are not confused and attacked a considerable force of the enemy, not expecting such speed. Was shot down two bombers, the convoy turned back, losing combat units. By October 1943, the squadron commander had made 146 combat flights and personally shot down 20 German planes.


February 4, 1944 for courage and valor shown in battles against the invaders, Ivan Nikitovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. In spite of frequent shelling by the enemy forces, Kozhedub managed to survive in all conditions. After another destruction of a combat vehicle by the local farmer-beekeeper was built hybrid aircraft that AC flew in may 1944. It lasted until August, when the hero has allocated a new fighter «La 7». On August 19 for the exceptional discipline and military craft command Kozhedub was awarded the title of hero of the Soviet Union a second time. Behind him there were 256 sorties and shot down 48 enemy aircraft.

In mid-February 1945, Kozhedub was attacked by the unknown in that time. It was the newest German fighter-bomber of the Luftwaffe» or «Me-262». War machine was probably the most advanced miracle of the military industry of that time due to the impressive speed. But it was shot down in the course of a long fight our illustrious pilot, used to attack from a distance.

In April 1945, Ivan was pretty strange story. Driving away from the allied aircraft to German fighters, Kozhedub was attacked by the American war machine who confused it with the German. Ivan shot down two aircraft that actually belong to the U.S. air force.

On 18 August 1945 for exceptional craftsmanship Kozhedub was awarded third «Gold star» of hero of the Soviet Union. In my entire flight career, the ACE was shot down many times, but always he tried to land the plane that he was successful. Showed an extraordinary skill, superhuman precision, ability to perform complicated shape flying aerobatics, Kozhedub rarely entered into the melee, trying to get from the far distance. In 1985 he received the title of Marshal of aviation. Died hero August 8, 1991.

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