It’s time to know yourself and your sanity

Try to answer the question honestly: how well do you know yourself? It is enough if you understand yourself, and how decisions you make useful and correct? If so, then you can only congratulate. And if not, then it would be nice to take advantage of proven psychological tests. Not the shit that was conducted by a psychologist without proper education in school, and the normal to confide in. To know yourself is never a bad thing. Better to know in advance at what stage the adequacy or crazy you get.

Rorschach Test


Perhaps the most famous method for the study of personality devised by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach in 1921. The so-called «Method of the ink spots» more than once ridiculed and abstemious in the movie, and indeed, if the film mentions the psychologist, in 1 case out of 2, he will require that the patient said, what the hell he sees in a strange divorces. It’s almost as inevitable as pimples on the ass a porn actress.

The subject is asked ten cards depicting symmetrical black-and-white and color drawings, reminiscent of ink stains.

Your task is to discern in them something (preferably legal, does not in a madhouse) and describe the doctor.

The first card allows the psychologist to assume, as you do the actions associated with stress. The second reflects what the Psychonauts: able to control anger and emotions. The third symbolizes your attitudes towards others within society. The fourth allows you to identify the attitude to authority and especially education. And the fifth helps you to reveal the true «I». The value you get to know others during the test.

The doctor literally writes all your statements, the time spent on the description of each image, and behaviors in the moment. Using these results, we can estimate an emotional condition, to determine the maturity of personality, needs, intrapersonal and social conflicts, extraversive and introversive, empathy, level of fear and anxiety, intelligence, and emotional stability.

All you need: is cards, silence, concentration and a good psychologist who is able to interpret competently. Incorrect: this test is not all that you see – all the right… To evaluate your mental state.

Luscher Test


This color test has undergone a lot of criticism, and still widely used by psychologists, because the relationship of the psyche and the color – thing, proven scientifically.

Dough maker Max lüscher believed that the colours we perceive the same, but our preference of a particular shade of subjective. And perception is formed in the result of lifestyle and interaction with the surrounding world. So test demonstrates that physiological status, communication skills, stress resistance.

In psychiatry Luscher test is used to instantly determine the status of the person. It is necessary to understand that the patient is in the country of dreams still on the Earth. So you if you feel unstable, uncomfortable, suffering from various delusions, it is necessary from time to time to pass him. If you’re not completely crazy, then will be able to understand yourself, and if the point of no return is passed, relatives and friends will report.

Testing begins with the fact that before you laid out eight different colored cards: gray, black, blue, green, yellow, red, brown and purple. At the same time please forget the associations connected with fashion and some conventional tastes, because black color brings a touch of sorrow and gloom only because of public opinion.

And choose the colors you need based on your own present relationship.

First you need to choose the most attractive. Then the cutest of the remaining seven, and so on, until only one card. The colors used in the test, show your needs in satisfaction and affection, self-assertion, action, success and hope, as well as symbolize negative emotions: fear, stress, anxiety, frustration.

Here’s a hint: a healthy and balanced person first selects red and yellow, and are unhappy with the situation is prone to depression – black and brown.

Minnesota multidimensional personality inventory

The most studied and one of the most popular diagnostic methods, which are widely used in clinical practice. In Russia, the test was adapted and called «Standardized multivariate study of personality», abbreviated as SMIL. The full version includes 500 questions with answers «right», «wrong» or «unsure» but it’s such a dark forest that even experienced psychologists are afraid to crawl in there. The points considered ten clinical scales and four of the evaluation, so go through it yourself only if you have the time spent on special education.

In this test everything is extremely specific. For each scale there are a number of points is considered normal, but higher or lower the result indicates that deviations in one direction or another. The clinical scales include the scale of hypochondria, depression, hysteria, psychopathy, masculinity-femininity, paranoia, psychasthenia, schizophrenia, hypomania and social introversion. That is, without any human to hell. Results allow with high accuracy to identify the personality type of the person (e.g., anxious-paranoid, schizoid, sociopathic).

The main test condition to be sincere, otherwise you’ll have to start from the beginning, because this test shows instantly when you cheat and when you speak the crystal truth.

Depression scale Beck

Proposed in 1961 by Aaron Beck scale was developed based on clinical observations. Psychiatrists for years gathering the most popular complaints in order to make the most accurate method to determine the degree of depression of the client. In our time, depression is exposed every second, so to assess their boredom will be very useful.


The questionnaire consists of 21 categories of symptoms and complaints. Each category consists of 4-5 statements that match the specific manifestations/symptoms of depression. Once this test was impossible to pass without medical attention, but now the testing procedure can be carried out independently.

The figure for each category is calculated as follows: each item on the scale scored from 0 to 3 according to increasing severity of symptoms.

The total score ranges from 0 to 62 and is reduced in accordance with improvement of a condition. If it is from 0-9, then we can live in peace, syndromes of depression no, I do not understand why the hell you took it. If from 30 to 63, we are preparing the haloperidol.

Eysenck Test

A lot of tests done in his life, Hans jürgen Eysenck, in addition to his famous IQ test, but special attention is given specifically to this test.


You are invited to answer 57 questions. Questions aimed at identifying their usual mode of behavior. Try to imagine a typical situation, and give first natural answer that comes to mind. Answer quickly and accurately, remember that there are no «good» or «bad» answers. If you agree with the statement, answer «Yes», I do not agree – respectively, «no.» Using the test it is possible to estimate the orientation of the personality on the inside, or the outside world, and to identify the level of emotional anxiety (tension).

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