It’s time to become a Hells angel

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2014_HuhaSGSRksvTnAre you ready to join the coolest family of bikers? Then going on the road! Don’t know what to bring? Come on! We told you about that need to know when traveling on a motorcycle. Hope you heard about these guys, well, those Hell’s Angels. But just in case, explain that it is a cult largest motorcycle club. Maybe you even heard about the product that wrote the old hunter S. Thompson, about these evil angels?

The Angels of Hell has its branches all over the world, so they are not so difficult to find. Why they know so many people? Well, perhaps because their hung gangster labels. No, we are not saying that they are good boys, although the members of this motorcycle club has long claimed that he never went against the authorities and the law. In fact, everything is different.

If you rely on the legend, originated the idea for this large size of the club during the Second World war. Specifically, the U.S. air force there was 303 squadron of heavy bombers with the name «hell’s Angels». After the war, the pilots were left without work. They believed that their country, for which they were willing to give their lives betrayed them. The defenders abandoned to their fate, and so they decided to indulge in all serious. A riot erupted, former pilots sat down at the powerful stories and actually declared war on the government.

In some motorcycle gang immediately decided by the President (the chief of the bikers motorcycle club), and it was Frank, Sedlik. It is not the President of the whole vast gangs, but only the representative of the branch in San Francisco. In General, this Frank was the Creator of the legendary motorcycle club’s logo — a skull with wings. Literally at the same time and determined that the official colours of the club will be red and white.

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2014_hTznx2OqPgmraOnly in the 1960s in Hell’s Angels, appeared a certain system. They began to organize the motocross, to pay dues, they had some kind of Charter. It all came to the Angels together with the advent in the gang Sonny Barger. This guy officially has registered the logo of the motorcycle club. Thanks to his wit and charisma, the club «Hell’s Angels» became the most popular in the world.

During the Vietnam war, Barger wrote a letter to the President of the United States that received wide coverage in the press. It publishes hunter S. Thompson’s novel «Hell’s Angels»:

President Lyndon Would. Johnson

1600 Penn Avenue

Washington (D.C.)

Mr President!

On my own behalf and on behalf of my colleagues I put together a group loyal to the government of Americans volunteer for duty in Vietnam, in the rear of the regular units. We believe that a select group of trained fighters demoralize the Viet Cong and hasten the triumph of the cause of freedom. We are ready to start training and execution of our debt immediately.


Ralph Barger Jr.

Oakland, CA

The President Of The Hell’s Angels

manygoodtips.com_22.09.2014_InAy6EuGUKsbLHell’s angels continue to grow. Want to find out if their branch in Russia? Of course there is, and this is in countries such as USA, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Holland, Denmark, France, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Liechtenstein, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Greece, Portugal, Chile, Croatia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Poland, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Thailand, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania, Japan, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus in General, if you think you’re ready to become one of them, then you will definitely find a place.

In addition to the «skull with wings», the members of the club often use the number «81». It is the ordinal numbers of the letters «H» and «A» in English alphabet. This combination can be seen on the members of the «support clubs», so the full name «Hells Angels» can only be full members of the Hell’s Angels.

One of them is under constant surveillance by the police. Regularly made attempts at the introduction of the government employees in the heart of the club. One of these implementations over the Angels for the arrest of 52 participants. All because in addition to legal business Angels is credited with selling weapons, drugs, racketeering, control of prostitution and other criminal activities. But not all representatives of Hell’s Angels were involved in that, so do not grumble and blame them.

Maybe you now also get the thirst for freedom, you will only a powerful bike and a large black leather jacket. Go for Angels if you’re not afraid of anything.


manygoodtips.com_22.09.2014_nE47sSytRto3sWell, and, of course, where no hunter, because he managed in his time to hang out with Hell’s Angels.

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