It’s time for courage

It’s time for courage


Men are no longer needed. Alright guys, over the last 40 years their role in Western society have faded into the background. Earlier men were considered the breadwinners and protectors. Today, it seems the only role they are good at is providing sperm to conceive children. But even this role is much ruined. Knowing their uselessness, many men say they feel lost, depressed and undervalued.

In solving one problem, created another

The futility of men are obliged in most parts of the feminist movement. I think the society is indebted to the feminist movement. I do not think that each of us would like to live in a world where the only desire of women to become a wife and mother. Thanks to feminism women were given the freedom of choice, both men and women have equal rights. I love feminism, I married a feminist, and I unequivocally believe in equality of the sexes.

In solving one problem, we created another. While the feminist movement focused on women’s roles in society, little attention has been paid to what will be the role of men in the new world. As a result, the world remained full of anxious men, men who have lost their human targets on benchmarks.

A review of sociological research has shed some light on what I think modern men about their role in the world today:

  • 52% believe that they should live according to female rules
  • 58 % believe that they should be the main breadwinners in the family
  • 34% would prefer that their wife was extremely busy with home and children
  • 24% wished their wife was not working full time.

However, only 33 % of men were free to say what they really think, while 67% consider it safer to conceal their opinions.

A call to courage

One of the reasons I started this column dedicated to the art of courage, that’s what I noticed the confusion in himself and his friends. It seems that women have become more successful, the stronger sex should disappear in the background and turn into slackers.

In response to this vacuum of true manliness article in the Telegraph reports that some American scholars are calling for the Patriarchate, that is, the return of a dominant and oppressive role in order to avoid the disappearance of the courage.

The fact that men and women have equal rights, does not mean that they are the same. True courage sees that women are equal to men, but at the same time and recognizes and appreciates our differences. Traditional masculinity is characterized by ideas of honor, strength, dignity, sacrifice, responsibility, leadership and integrity. Women rightly argue that their gender encompasses these same values. But is it possible to have these values and characteristics might manifest themselves differently in each gender?

I think that the basis of Patriarchy-the study of hidden a way in which men experience these values that gives them a unique masculine identity.

I hope that my art of courage to help the return of masculinity. I started blogging with the hope of finding out what courage means today. I still don’t have all the answers, but I love to dig into the issues.

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