It’s OK not to know what they want from life

manygoodtips.com_27.02.2014_MtNShYlDVKY43Guys who have already exceeded 20, but still nedovolil to 30, is not only childish and immature — many of them still have no idea what they would like to do for the rest of his days. If, for example, to ask ten people of a certain age, eight of them will begin to mumble or to fill up the questioner so much information that is impossible to digest at a time. That people usually respond to all our question about the uncertainty? «Don’t worry, this is normal, you have time for experiments». Well, thank you. Nada. Want a shock? It did not help.

We have no idea what’s going on, we do not see before us is neither the purpose nor the way to it is and frustrating, and scary at the same time. Those who do not believe that so what is not old age, the hesitation and uncertainty scares twice.

We are afraid of the unknown is on one side. On the other — depends on your point of view to look at her. If the unknown make for an indispensable factor of life, an option enabled by default, becomes much easier. That usually puts pressure on us and how to respond to that?

1. Friends who have already found themselves

Did you know that even the masters sometimes change profession? And then again and again — up to three times in a lifetime?

This figure confirms a reasonable point of view on the issue, if indeed it is considered a problem: now you know what I want to do, but there is still a chance that this case won’t be loved for the rest of your life. So instead of committed to sustainability, which do not exist in nature, deal with what you develop, evolve and change. Stability is not always a sign of mastery.

Even if someone, unlike you, received a more successful profession, it does not guarantee that it will always be at work. The labor market is incredibly volatile.

No matter where you work, in the end, you are invariably waiting for the thirst for change, if not now, then in a few years. And your next choice may lie in a completely new region.

2. Over 15 years spent within the walls of educational institutions, you’re used to, that should be a clear structure, hierarchy and chain of command

Remember how the school seem to be almost a prison because of all these stupid rules? This is a very hierarchical structure with established power hierarchy, where the student has almost no rights, teachers play the role of guards, and the Director — overseers. Parallel nipamacha.

I had a bad relationship with a teacher of physics. Don’t know what I ever do to him. Every time she noticed that I’m not listening (and listening is not all and not always, as it usually happens during boring lessons), she raised me, screamed, and put in the log when the behavior. Think about it: the number in the log just because I was talking to a neighbor on the Desk. Normal?

When we gradually grow up and move up the food chain, we get incredible pleasure from the fact that they become freer. However, we do not notice how much time to get used to the hierarchy and boundaries. We are afraid of deadlines, respect the power of love, when we are told what to do.

We are enslaved and when we leave the boundaries, you immediately understand that you can’t find yourself — we do not have that same pressure, the same lack of freedom. When we become more responsible, we have to get used to the fact that you can think for yourself, to motivate yourself. Without a clear structure and control we do exactly what we demand from ourselves. Get used to demand from myself. No one will tell you what you should do.

3. The elders condemn us for carelessness, and you want to prove them wrong

Our parents lived in a different time — the Soviet Union, everything is in short supply, all in wonder, the borders are closed, there is no sex. We, unlike them, from the very beginning have a much more, because they tried to give it to us. Our parents and grandparents really worked hard, we have a completely different work ethic, but because we seem lazy and uninterested.

But time has changed! We live in an era of ideas — social media marketing, participation in political campaigns, implementation of new business models (even if you sell something ordered online through the Facebook group) — is also a real job, just looks different.

Don’t take their judgments to heart (unless you’re really lazy and in no way interested). This is a classic case of the problems of parents and children: the older people just do not understand that we do some things differently. Keep your head up, work for the glory, ask questions, read often, meet new people, listen more, and everything will work itself out.

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