It’s not so bad: 10 reasons to enjoy life

Media often spoil your mood with news of the explosions, terrorist attacks, financial difficulties, murders, prisons. Sometimes it seems that the world is a cesspool where you were abandoned only to you quietly in her were drowned. When hard times come, then the argument you are easily convinced. But really, life gives you more than wins. You just take for granted, and therefore did not notice the whole picture. We spit on the tradition of the mass media to spoil the reader’s mood, decided to remind you about it. This text is only about good things — you deserve the portions are good.

1 you Have access to any information — you can learn anything

When the training was a hell of a time consuming process. Even in the Soviet Union, despite the prevalence of literary culture learning was not easy. Textbooks were often written in a boring language, was given a lot of unnecessary information, all I needed was buried somewhere under the rubble of the old. If you dig a little deeper, we will see the ultimate elitism of education. For example, in the Middle ages education was available only to aristocrats, wealthy merchants and monks. And only the latter used this opportunity to the fullest. In Ancient times things were a little better, but not to say that it’s great. And only today, in the era of information technology, you have the ability to the bottomless reservoirs of knowledge. You damn lucky. You only have to protect their free time from social networking, seals and daca — and you can learn anything, even blacksmithing.

2 You can earn money by knowledge, not physical labor, You don’t need to throw out your back on the factory to survive in this country. So, many people do exactly that, we’re sorry that the men of the old school are unable to adapt to the new reality. On the other hand, some people will always prefer physical work to mental — that is their choice. But you have to understand that now you don’t need to make those Herculean effort to earn a bit of money that you would be forced to make a half-century ago.

A lot of people make your mind up. Some even taxes do not pay for it. For example, you can create a group in a social network to fill its content to settle subscribers to have money with advertising. For this you need to make the effort, but this effort will be intelligent — do not have to sweat. If you’ve got the makings of a teacher, then you can easily create your own course on the Internet or record lectures so that you can then put them up for sale. A little bit of luck, business acumen and knowledge and you can live at the expense of his intellect, but not at the expense of their hands.

3 You live in a world free of sexual relations — sex is no longer a problem

Despite the existence of such odious figures, as Mr. Milonov and Mizulina Madam, we live in an era of sexual freedoms. For sex are much easier than some thirty years ago. Hard for you to understand the beauty of this fact, but you just have not lived in another era when nobody never wrote nothing about sex, no one published books with sex scenes, and the sex was very boring — is simply «stuck-stuck». Today people have learned to obtain from this process a lot more fun than before. Besides, there are plenty of variations, techniques, refinements and nuances that are intended so you can get the full pleasure is not only physical but also psychological.

You can go ahead and recall the days when sex before marriage was not at all. No, you could certainly use the services of courtesans, but society’s attitude to this is ambiguous. Today you have the opportunity to get sex without commitment in almost any entertainment venues of the city — just find a girl who is looking for the same. Appreciate it. 4 a Huge part of the economy works for you the Economy of the twentieth century worked at the state war machine and support of the government. It seems that the times haven’t changed a bit. Defense budget as before this looks bad, especially in comparison with the budget for education, science and medicine. But you forgot the main thing — the private sector.

You can blame for the fact that we build such low pleasure, as the pleasure of things and services, in rank something significant, but it is unlikely you will be able to live without it. Better get used to it. Get used to the fact that you have a choice in which restaurant to go, what kind of cheese to buy and what computer game to spend their money. The economy works for you, not for the government or a particular official. Economics is concerned about your interests and desires, and if you have the money, you can buy anything you want. It sounds like mockery when there is no money, but think of it as an excuse to make it.

5 you always Have food in the fridge

Unfortunately, we do not read the people of Congo and other countries where there is a serious problem with food. We know that this is not a problem in our country. The people here are not starving, although some believe it is possible. If we ignore the rare and extraordinary cases, we do not know what real hunger is. This is good because recently we knew in the siege of Leningrad, for example.

Now you have food in the fridge. If you do not, then you can buy for a penny some stuff in the store. If you don’t even have 20 rubles, you can go on issuing food to the poor or to catch mutated fish in the urban river. In any case, you’re living in an era of food abundance, in spite of the sanctions and the lack of real cheese DorBlu in stores.

6 You’re free to listen to music, watch TV shows and read books about Americans, Japanese and Australians are jealous of you, because in their countries draconian copyright, and you do not. You can safely use even blocked torrent trackers, and no uncle in uniform knocking at your door. However, all this can change at any time, but in the meantime enjoy these SIPS of freedom download books, TV shows and music for the future «the hungry times».

We certainly understand that such a celebration will not last forever. The book industry is dying due to the fact that you download everything for free. The cinema is also not in the best condition, but the music and say nothing — the most part of incomes of the Russian music groups get from concerts, not album sales. It is possible that industry will be able to adapt to the new realities and find new ways to generate income.

7 you Have more time to myself than ancestors

We don’t know how many hours you work. It is possible that you work ten hours a day, but you still more time, than the man of the seventeenth century, who had to get up at 5am to work the land until it becomes too hot and then do repair and construction work to his poor hut was not falling to pieces. But now most of us don’t need to get up at 5 am — we complain already when I Wake up at 8. Most residents work in offices than physical fatigue they almost do not know. So you can go home and do something useful — you have this power. The main problem is that it is not always in the mood for a Affairs, but it is a problem of another nature — it can be solved. 8 You will see how humanity will be an interplanetary view of pleasant things that affect not only you, but of all mankind. Take the space.

We are already seeing that mankind came very close to becoming an interplanetary species. With high probability you will witness this phenomenon. Elon Musk promises that the cost of a flight to Mars would be a feasible number for a person of average American incomes. January 14 was conducted successful launch of Falcon 9 and landing the first stage on a barge. At MSU, will soon have a Department of space studies, which will be advertised in 2017. Governments of major countries are actively sponsoring everything connected with the cosmos. Russia is also trying to participate in the race, although it is not the main thing in our foreign policy. In any case, we see heightened interest to the entire space, and not only state structures, but also in private, that gives hope that people finally stop screwing around and deal with the space. To be in this era — a great success.

9 You can leave at any time

Let’s imagine that you are so unhappy with your lives that pick up soap on a rope at the hardware store. If you did it in the forties, the thirties, then it would be hard to offer something worthwhile. But today you have a Golden opportunity — to shift to another country. There is no «iron curtain». You can apply for a visa, working visa, or just take a one way ticket to some country where visa is not required. To learn a language is not the work of a lifetime, will manage in one and a half year of hard training. To raise money for the first time — the task is doable. You only inhibit your own insecurities, fear and laziness. The slightest obstacle, which was the Russian man who wants knock out in history.

10 You live in peace don’t want to jinx it, but let’s say the main advantage of your life in the twenty-first century, the world has no great wars, only local conflicts. This is a great success from the point of view of the historical process, because a more peaceful time in history just yet. Europe has always raged wars, but now all of a sudden decided to live in harmony, only occasionally moving on the rails «ALGID relations.» Militant politicians are not left — they are ruled by their banana republics, and no one pays attention. Today, the heads of the major countries of aggression are unable to chew off small pieces, but the large conflict will never go, because any major war can result in total defeat.

I hope that you finally understand how lucky you are to live right now. And even if you live badly, poorly, one-armed, one-legged, then you have every chance to bounce on one leg to its full implementation — to be the man who lives a happy life.

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