It’s like for prostitutes in different countries

manygoodtips.com_20.07.2015_r7vhCgbvNpU2bProstitutes are very different creatures, and in every country they have a completely different relationship with society, with government officials, as well as actually with the client. You can always blame some professions, and it is possible to say that such a system of relations much more honest. But let us leave these disputes to the demagogues and take a look at our list that will be evaluated by the life and problems of prostitutes in the country.

I lead the lifestyle I like. I am inspired by the lifestyle that I as an independent person chose for themselves.

1. Britain

Life British prostitute difficult call, but it has its drawbacks. Prostitution in Britain is legal. Punishable only sex with a prostitute who was forced to such activities. To publish Your advertisement anywhere in the form of advertisements on telephone booths for example. Or on the Internet. Lately, business they are not very smooth, the reason is the economic crisis, competition with prostitutes-the emigrant who deliberately understate prices. In England there is also a kind of trade Union of prostitutes, which is called «English Association of prostitutes».

Through the difficulties in the economy in men, there are more important expenses than sex. Food is important fuel more important, the mortgage, however, is also more important than that.


2. Netherlands

In this country, the sex industry is put on stream. For the period 2000 there were about 25,000 prostitutes, and only 30% of them were of Dutch origin. In the Netherlands still have not closed the question of whether full legalization of prostitution, where anyone can access your public house. The problem lies in the fact that a number of sex attracts crime, which in its nature is forced to prostitution by many women. However, if you compare with other countries, where prostitution is taboo, the pros of legalization turned out to be more. Some of them are the taxes that are paid by workers for an escort service, and full social security (health insurance, pension, vacation).

3. African prostitutes

These are the ladies that bring down the prices of European colleagues. Mainly African prostitutes seasoned women, who at home has achieved considerable economic prosperity. The main flow comes from Cameroon, Senegal, Congo and côte d’ivoire. You will be surprised, but, as a rule, these girls are educated enough, not fleeing from war, and grew up in normal, by their standards, of course, families. Easy money and life in Europe – that’s what attracts them to this field. They naturally occupy its own niche. African prostitutes do largely what you would not do European girls bestiality, sadomasochism, etc. If you want to know more about the status of black women in porn, read a book amely-James Koh Bela «African prostitution in the West.» In southern Nigeria, some girls are preparing for a «career» prostitutes from early childhood. For this segment of society prostitution – the benefit that allows you to feed his own family.

Of course, running into a whole bunch of sexually transmitted diseases, using the services of African prostitutes are more real than if you decided to take the night covered girl.

4. Australia

College student. Want to be a lawyer. Activist. A daughter, a sister, a sex worker. Salvation is not needed.In General, the sex industry in Australia is very well developed. In some ways even better than in the Netherlands. Thus in prostitutes go a completely different woman. Some of them are students who do study. Some single mothers who need to feed their family, but others chose this case deliberately, as the meaning of life.

The prices are quite different. Street prostitutes, as everywhere, are inexpensive. Prostitutes from specialized shops – already more expensive, and the elite can buy for a few thousand dollars per night.

Work sex shops- this is a separate topic of conversation. Has its own specifics, but just to say that about your health they care more than we do. Some brothels are open 24 hours a day. This is not surprising, because they go absolutely everything, even God-fearing Muslims or Christian priests. The only thing that changed from belonging to a particular faith, so it tastes. The girls, of course, working under pseudonyms.

In Australia, by the way, also has a trade Union called «the Australian Association of Sex workers». They publish brochures with the support of its members, and also educate people in terms of health.

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