«It’s complicated» and other nonsense in the relationship



Hi, guys! Writes you a relatively recent but already very loyal fan of your creativity. Want to say a huge thank you for your magazine!! Fun, educational and tasteful! The day begins not with coffee, but with manygoodtips.com! (sounds like the call, huh?))

Let’s get to it. I know you are the master solve the problems on the personal front, so I decided to contact you. I am in my first year (Jolly student life, yeah), and, of course, I was lucky to meet «the one». Walking, sitting in cafes, etc. All of this continued (and continues) for some time, with breaks for light quarrels, forced rozlucki etc. And today it has developed a rather strange situation. I don’t know if I need this relationship!!! (For clarity, we say: we’re not a couple.) And moreover, I don’t know if they have it. Although it is obviously not against it, when I ask her to go out or take a hand when we are walking or riding in the car. But a major step forward, none of us does. In short her portrait: a little athlete, very! socialite, attention is not deprived. My: slightly nihilists, a little athlete, attention is not deprived, but not that much need. And here are we met. The impression is that we approach the border, but then seems to simultaneously take a step back. Don’t know what to do. At the same time and want all this to score, and no.

In General, it would be nice if by this nonsense you have written a couple of clever ideas!) Sincerely, your faithful reader.

The answer

Dude, thank you for reading us and we believe that we are gurus in a relationship and all the problems as their own and our readers, walking once or twice (partly it is). Thank you for your question we you will not. We didn’t want to answer it, like many others like him that every day we send the same guys nedoumevala garbage with even more garbage. Hell, I don’t see a problem here! But it is necessary for us to get one shot from all questions of the type «it’s complicated», which we call «baby shit». So I say.

The question for us is not quite clear. You just don’t know if you’re ready for a serious relationship, or just want sometimes to mess with her and going to the cinema/café? Or do not know if you wanted this girl for any relationship? Damn, dude, maybe you’re just indecisive? And it may be not only in the relationship. Why indecision is bad, and how to deal with it, we have been told.

Maybe the girl likes your indecision about your strange relationship, and it keeps you in the friend zone, and you did not suspect. Or, on the contrary, is waiting for your first step?

If you think that she’s «the one», has long admitted his feelings for her and at the same time made it clear that she thinks of you. In other words, these «mating games» happen at all, especially at this age as you. I, as a senior in manygoodtips.com I will say it brings some joy and remembering somewhere after a few years you will laugh at those kind of issues downloaded your brain.

By the way, are you sure she’s the one, and not just a passing fancy? There are several signs by which one can understand that she’s the one – about that, how did you know we wrote.

Anyway, to answer your question and the question many dudes who have some difficulties with the relationship, I advise to look more often to our category Relationships, there are so many articles that answer all these questions about the «complicated relationship».

I think, no need to be afraid of women and relationships, it is necessary to take and do, get burned and do again. The main thing in all respects – safe, children – is the real difficulty, and everything else is just a game.

Anyway, you’ll never find the right answers to all the questions. And you also did not decide.

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