It’s an awkward beginning of a relationship

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2014_hBziLHsMpkUxtI really like that Internet joke «All our life is one big awkward moment.» By and large the way it is – at least for me. It’s always the same: thinking to make a joke and thereby to defuse the situation, I fail and a disgrace, and the situation is not only not exhausted, but becomes even more awkward. Well, there’s nothing to talk about. For years, even decades, the inconvenience has taught me one super useful things to balance when the relationship has already occurred, but were not stable enough. You know: you already admitted to each other that you enjoy spending time together, but before lying on the couch all Sunday and watch the show. Whether it you are just interested and you want to spend more time with her, but hasn’t told her about it and afraid to ruin it. Or you saw one day, and you look forward to meeting new people, but I’m not sure she adheres to the same opinion. Rather to lose time, begin the exchange of existing experiences, and you, dude, listen up and pay attention – if you have him, of course.


Life has taught me: the girls at first not very well appreciate the tackles from the category of «I’d like you to see.» It’s too straightforward, and they all give hints and easy romantic flair. The best option is to call it somewhere. Gathered with friends at the cinema – call for the company. Discussed what dope Zebra — get to the zoo. Talked about the great and the opening of the season – offered to open together. Otherwise it’ll think you already fell from her addiction, and who needs it?

If she refuses more than twice, leave me alone

And very obviously,? Who wants to be clingy? It is unworthy of a normal guy. And while we begin the analysis of refuse girls. To say no to us, they have three reasons:

  • They do not want to communicate with us mentally and send us to hell, while education does not allow them to speak.
  • They are strange, as the book «one Hundred years of solitude».
  • They are really busy.

In the first case, you just have to disappear until he damaged his reputation. To obtain a negative response from time to time – it is unpleasant, unless you’re a masochist and you’re not a masochist, right? If the girl strange, it is quite another matter. They are also easy to calculate for unpredictable behavior and a characteristic hobby. She can cancel the appointment for three hours, because, for example, released a new episode of his series, and she can’t help look when I get home (and it will be exactly two hours, so she does not have time to gather, and to gather during playback, it will not, because it will deprive yourself of pleasure). In short, if you’re willing to subscribe myself crazy, and then to talk about. Offer more. In addition, a strange girl (and busy) show interest and make the step when free. Here’s another big clue.

Don’t hang out together

For those who are always on horseback, it is certainly sophomoric, but it is not about them – so, guys, get back on the horse and ride my way. Here is the club for awkward types who have everything always goes wrong at the wrong time.

If you do, man of our tribe, know this: the first couple of meetings alone is better not to. It’s simple: the inconvenience and will float in the air, and to avoid it will help either the alcohol or the company. Because getting drunk is not our style (although…), we offer you to hang out with her and someone else. The group is always flowing some conversations, from which, if desired, you can disconnect and pay attention to each other, and when the conversation has run its course, return to General conversation. Convenient!

If I meet her accidentally, not stupid

It is familiar to me, and if you’re not, you’re lying. Simulate the situation: you’re walking down the corridor towards you. You know, you you recognize each other, but you are so familiar, to say Hello and take a minute or two to talk? It is getting closer, and you’re feverishly going over to say Hello? Bury yourself in a phone? To wear sunglasses? As long as you thought, she passed the class, nothing to do. Well, that’s great except that you have not used nature has given you a couple of eggs. What to do in such situations? Hello. Let her know that he noticed her presence. So you will have a much better chance, because the twilight zone «We’ve met, but don’t say Hello» no one led to impressive results.

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