It’s all in the details

To be stylish is a real art. Not everyone is given, and some do not consider it worthy. However, in the desire beautiful and stylish look is nothing shameful. But how to do it? Wearing flashy outfits of bright colors? In our latitudes, people in striped pants and red socks under patent leather shoes cause contempt. Wearing hoodies is also inappropriate. It’s all in the details, the unobtrusive attributes that distinguish you from the crowd.

Pocket square

Sooner or later in every man’s life, from a simple mugger to the collective farm Chairman, from modest Manager to Director of a large holding, there comes a time when he has to wear a suit. But the suit, he was in Africa a suit. Jacket, pants, shoes, and even a vest with a bowtie create an atmosphere of pomp and seriousness of the event. But the fact is that in decent restaurants so dress up the waiters. Need a finishing touch that will add solemnity to the suit. Chest pocket can perfectly complement your style. One little detail that will set you apart from the crowd and will give you exceptional solidity philanthropist at a dinner party, even if you’re just a schoolboy on prom night.

But be careful, this item needs a special approach. First and foremost, it needs to be special, exclusively a pocket square made of silk or other beautiful fabrics, not normal bow. Secondly, not to be a clown, it is necessary that the shawl works. Moreover, it should be combined not with a jacket or with a shirt and tie. The color of the tie and the handkerchief should blend in with each other (appropriate would be, say, blue and blue) or contrast, for example, a gray tie and a blue handkerchief. But there is one taboo that can not violate, even under pain of death: with a black tuxedo – extremely white handkerchief of cotton and linen. If the mother says that yellow is more beautiful, do not give in to persuasion. Style is paramount. The same colour tie and pocket handkerchief is also out.

Chains and pendants

Pendants, chains – things are ambiguous and need special care. First, because they do not fit to any clothing. Second, others will assume that you put in «these beads» some meaning.

Dangles on a wide chain cross long been associated with Stas Mikhailov. So the pendant should be neat, not too big and definitely go to your clothes. Sticking out of unbuttoned 4 buttons classic shirt with a jacket is jabalina vulgarity. Shirt boxy t-shirt with wide collar, jeans and a leather jacket – that’s where we hung out chains, pendants, necklaces are appropriate.

As for the chain, it all depends on its function. If she is crowned with a pendant, it definitely should be combined. In other cases, it is self-decoration. The main thing – remember that the fashion for thick collars long gone. The anchor chains are either those who are stuck in the 90’s, or Gypsy Baron. Than she has received, the better.

It’s all in the detail and the unobtrusive attributes that distinguish you from the crowd. A simple bracelet or chain will create your unique style and emphasize individuality.


If you look at the history, the rings never purely female attribute was not. In the old days they were worn only by rulers, shamans, elves, dwarves and hobbits random. However, if the finger flaunts a ring with a diamond, then we have about you doubts. If brutal ring, then questions disappear. Well, about the ring and say nothing, as sung in the song, because it is «difficult ornament». The main thing that it was not very large. You’re not a fence and not the Tsar of All the Russias.

Rings should emphasize the social status or ideology and not to create problems when passing through a metal detector. The ring is the thing for yourself, not for others, and therefore it should not be too large, as in summer the cat lady’s that were going to the party for those over 70. However, if you’re a biker and you have a skull on the floor-palms, that we dare not something to advise. Subcultural attributes are not amenable to General rules.


Perhaps the most common male attribute is bracelets. Comfortable, stylish and not cumbersome.

As you can see, the bracelet also needs to blend in with clothing. For example, if the material is leather, may it’s shade and texture goes well with the other leather accessory – belt or a bag.

Some people like to wound on the hand from a few pieces of jewelry. Again, they must be combined with each other. If it’s a few leather bracelets or necklaces, it’s all right. If on one wrist fit the weave of a fabric, wide leather bracelet and a solid gold circle, then it will look a little vulgar.

And most importantly, the bracelet should not hang on the hand like a horse’s reins, and should not charge like a noose. The bracelet should be comfortable, and in any case not to intrude on your hands to do good deeds. Closer to your hands, just watch that, by the way, are selected by the same criteria.

Johnny Depp, a sense of style which is not to occupy, said rings and bracelets, and tattoos, an integral part of his personality. He also has a skull ring, which, according to him, is a reminder of life and death.


Cufflinks are something from the lapel of the shawl. They either are or they are not. In the mass, cufflinks – a thing expensive and too elitist, which is totally wrong, because, apart from the pompous Golden, are a cheap brass buckles. If you have already decided to wear cufflinks, be sure to buy a shirt with French sleeve and jacket. Just walk around in shirt-sleeves with cuff-links is bad form.

Cufflinks, though ceremonial element, but no rules is not forbidden to wear them every day. Moreover, they can be worn under a blazer, but then cufflinks should not be too solemn. But with other attributes of casual wear, it is better not to combine.


A wise man said, exactly: «the Clock doesn’t keep time, they symbolize». We’re talking about wrist watches, a thing legendary and reliable. As sung in a completely idiotic song, «in the morning, wearing shorts, don’t forget to watch». And no matter who you are: mad hipster, govnar with a hangover or a solid dandy, watch wear, unlike scarves, chains and bracelets. This thing is universal, does not depend on time (if not strange), worldview and lifestyle, because a watch is convenient. And if the watch is good, even the latest and modest nonconformist will not fail to show off because it is stylish, it gives the image solidity. And the reliability thing is also universal and all pleasant: and student, and office worker, and the head of the receiving glass.

Hours (and their varieties) now, like dogs nerezanyh. Choose what you want: taste, style and price. Most importantly, of course, that was a reliable mechanism.

Those who can’t «no day without sport,» and there is nothing to choose. That’s you, please, watch sports, and most importantly, multifunctional. For those who constantly takes partying in the wild, they can be very useful. And others? And the other universal classic, they’ll fit anyone. Only standard colors, to wear a red strap, you have to look the part. For children active is better to take the metal bracelet, because it lasts longer.

The watch should emphasize your style. Of course, the more impressive you want to look, the pathos must be your dial mechanical watch. Maybe mechanic is not so highly technical, such as electronics, but, alas, rules are rules.


People are divided into those who think the media earrings exclusive homosexuals, the homosexuals and those who have turned this idea on its… ahem ahem. Although johnny Depp and William Shakespeare, whose ears were rings, can hardly be called pillow biters.

Unlike other jewelry, an earring can be seen all year round, in any weather, except that it should be worn correctly.

There is one rule: you have to wear a earring in his left ear. Only in the left. Or wear in both ears, but it is very risky, the guys in the area do not understand why perforate two ear. The question arises, what to choose: ring or screw -. Ring made of silver, titanium, steel or gold looks much more solid. Screw-not everyone is fit, too elegant.

Earring should not hang to the shoulder, like pendants, Queen of France, she should not stand out like a Pyssy Riot on the background of the iconostasis. Only in moderation, regardless of the reason you wear it: Cossack you a rock star or trying to be like a rock star.


Thanks to Lieutenant Colombo and John Constantine, the world saw that the neckties may well add style. The thing is, of course, universal, if only the shirt was. Because only tightly repulsed degenerates are able to hang a noose on her bare neck.

Picking up the tie for the suit, it is important to note that it needs to be a tone darker than the shirt, and ideally a lighter shade of the costume. Casual ties should choose dark, with a small figure. If a tie is worn only with shirt, no cardigan and a jacket, then it is better that it was monotonous.

Bright and expressive ties, with large pictures of dressed in special occasion, this tie is not for every day.

And remember, two and two: informal shirts are not worn with a tie is the rule necessary to realize and in any case not be broken. So knit orange knot on top of the denim shirt is an abomination.

And most importantly, the site must be taut, and the end of the tie should come down to two centimeters below the belt and not to end in the middle of the abdomen, as the Chairman of the collective farm.


Thanks to hipsters and hipsters butterflies began to slowly leak from the world of tuxedos and celebrations in a casual way. Now wear them with any shirts, and the material has become much more diverse. But it is advisable to give preference to the butterflies are not made of natural fabrics, as they last longer, keep their shape better, are crease-resistant and easily fastened. In addition, the butterfly has to sit elegantly and not stick out on all sides like the bow of Leopold.

The butterflies will fit any shirt having a collar. The ends of the collar are located under the butterfly. The tie should be darker than the shirt, which in turn should be lighter than the jacket or suit. Black butterfly is the classic version: it will fit almost any clothes. For striped or plaid shirt, it is appropriate to tie a solid tie or a bow tie with the same print that on the shirt. Colored butterflies can also be worn with white shirts and jeans.


The most relevant attribute for this cold weather that can make you even more beautiful. Speech, certainly, goes about the scarf. Properly selected scarf and style will give, and will warm the throat. Although, people used to call me a loud word «creative» to wear them even indoors.

Bandanas, scarves Rapacki, round, thin, long – choose what you want, all depends on the style. By the way, there is a rule people of average height don’t have to take the long scarf 180 cm, otherwise it will look like a hornet’s nest on a branch.

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