It’s a mad, mad, mad world

Every country has its own unique original way», their characteristic features, but the problems all by and large the same. Needless to say, a workaholic, Jacques Basel, earns 12 euros per month, and a workaholic Alexei Vadimovich that plow for meager pennies the domestic public sector, have different needs. But if you take globally, the problems are the same. Not so much, but they are the splinters of such terms as «good neighborly relations» and «harmony of the world.» But at least we are the same.

Total bad taste

manygoodtips.com_7.11.2016_Ohw3sj09X6pCxThe cinema gave you woody Allen, Wes Anderson, Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky at worst. Look all you want, «the Naked gun» look, but no, «I want to consume shit.» Want to watch «Dislike» to justify a shit movie that Mary Wei is not an actress, and the film’s Director not the person. I uhohatyvalsya over the moronic jokes of the film «What men want» (not to be confused with «what men talk About») and «Classmates» laugh at the films of Adam Sandler, so as not to offend, and zablevat themselves from emotion at the sight of Harley and Pudding.

Unfortunately, the situation is such that, in General, the disastrously low level of culture, upbringing and education, people hawala with pleasure indecently low-grade Cieslak of which do not need to think. The producers through the IV tubes from «when» to pump the audience desired portion of popular jokes about farting and pussy mixed with the low artistic sense, a beautiful picture, special effects and so-called «life themes».

Mass culture mostly is this. And people are mostly idiots who think: «That would be now, in the comments to another article where crap movies on marvel comics and «the best day», and once again said that the majority of the population inaudible and thankfully hawala all sorts of stuff, to write that the author modelbut ignorant, resentful and generally cock».

No, not against Mr. Gudza, but is considered low, widely used things art, calling Bergman «the boring stuff for old people», quite low.

Such films certainly have a right to exist, because someone is watching them only for the necessary portions of hatred and about something dirty. But someone thinks the movie «Kevin and Perry go large all» and «Sex cocktail» masterpieces and with all the level of absurdity worth Hayot «Human Swiss army knife». And how so?

And that one that the others will go to watch Nostalgia Critic and BadComedian.

The magic of media and propaganda

In Sweden something going on, comrades. All rabid Vikings: ask when Putin will attack them. This is not a joke, it is quite a common question from a native Swede (which are now considered even the Assyrians) svejeprokipachenna Russian immigrant. And so, not only in Sweden — half of the planet was on the other side «our interests», considers Russia an enemy, and quite seriously afraid that Putin will break into their house and eat their children. Anyway, one very annoying wife of a former American President say these last three months.

But do we have differently? See around the arm of the state Department, even in tricky questions to the Governor about the bad roads — all of Pindos rigged. And Obama shits in toilets. And the fact that the Prosecutor Poklonskaya such uneducated, blame the education system of Ukraine. We did not come up, wrote about this in his Twitter, the first Deputy Chairman of the Commission on development of public diplomacy and support of compatriots abroad of the Russian Public Chamber Sergei Markov.

Here such here thoughts planted in the fertile soil of people’s ignorance valiant media and propaganda. So it was and always will be, if necessary — the enemy will be cut and scored directly into the brain. But if your country is sliding into the abyss, it will convince you that everything is in order, and so it should be, especially because others have it worse. Because some Canadians believe that their Prime Minister Trudeau — a darling who can do no wrong. And we are how many years are convinced that Europe is worse though when you look at «Europe» in the emphasis, you see, really not very good, but not worse than ours, yet kept.

This whole policy is more like a bad «soap Opera» in which the same characters build each other intrigues, quarrel, reconciled, betray, have time to have an affair with each other and horribly bored by the monotony of the plot. And worst of all, while the people cultivate the created image of the enemy, harmony and peace on Earth will not.

Stereotypes about neighbors

«Koreans eat dogs for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as the Americans have their burgers, or Italian pasta. But worst of all the Germans: they, of course, can be respected for their excellent technique, and the cars they have are cool, but they are a cousin of my great-grandfather was killed in the 42nd, so to forgive them is impossible. But worse of all Americans: they have a clown and … pussy-loving dyke running? That’s right Zadornov said: «Stupid!». Remember them Psaki was? And, by the way, take in Turkey Mace — the Turks are sneaky. Then you are in Romania? Be careful with the bag, there’s also some Gypsies can steal. I do not like them as Ukrainians — Bandera and fascists!» — it looks like a study in stereotypical colours. This is another obstacle that prevents to establish normal relations between the two countries.

Most of these stereotypes are very offensive and derogatory and do not much contribute to the manifestation of love for the average citizen. But the problem is that some of the sons of the Fatherland actively support these stereotypes their behavior. Everywhere there is red from the sun and alcohol the Englishman in the way Paul Gascoigne, who in his underpants trying to climb a light pole or Russian, who, seeing the Germans, yelling, «Hitler kaput!», bulging stretched fat belly the inscription «Putin — our President». While our cities will be mayhem, some armed representatives of the Caucasian republics, but somewhere in the Columbus African American will push drugs, these stereotypes will not disappear. Own them and create! And after this to communicate with the overseas guest do not want, and even more to drink and fraternize.

However, if you need someone to love, regardless of our past, and make you the brotherly peoples, come to the aid of propaganda.

People prefer not to think dark times hoary old history, when there was a nuclear darkness, people preferred to give their lives in the hands of fate, the supernatural and karma. Gone are the days, technological advances have disturbed the vault of heaven first mechanical and then cybernetic ring and the man, in spite of the tremendous experiences of the past and heavily modified life, still prefer to hope for something vague, but not on himself, and worst of all — prefers to think less.

Thirst for knowledge and self-development remained at the unit, others prefer a rational herding. In that part of the Land where the sign is not associated with the fan, has long been ruled by material values, which are successfully used by the largest corporations — the real rulers of the world. Competently zombifying «the herd», they impose the need for their products, bringing the secondary needs to the fore.

Era of available information, the total simplification of life, a large choice of services and entertainment was supposed to give us freedom and a generation of supermen. But instead, in front of us effete, exhausted imaginary ills, poisoned hedonism and affordable pleasure crazed people are on pins and needles artificial needs. It turned out it was an effective tools for stupefying. Most do not need to seek knowledge, he needs entertainment. He doesn’t need objective information, it is much better to learn stuffing, corresponding to him.

People don’t want to think, they are so lazy that their only goal is to seize and seize goods, until an existential crisis. But there is another part of the population of those parts of the world where the toilet is sand behind the tent, and war is not a reason for a parade, but an ongoing daily reality. Angry and hungry, they gradually penetrate into the civilized world, making history and changing the world right before our eyes. And it is clear they are about harmony in the world think because their harmony is very aggressive tones.

And if people thought, able to distinguish good culture from bad and would spit on propaganda and stereotypes.

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