It’s a dirty word — sex

We are faced with a problem that was the reason for writing this text. The problem is the people who are terribly shocked by what we often they write about sex and consider it normal. We are probably very naive guys believe that sex has long ceased to be taboo. But «arrow back», and the traditional view of mating again become fashionable, even among young people who regularly watch porn regularly and probably have sex.

The eroticism in the history

For a start I will break in pieces the statement that all believe the truth, namely: «Sexual freedom is a degradation.» This statement was common in societies where large role played by the monotheistic religion that their authority was collecting disparate social groups into a fist, to bring people together and drive them into a single ideological system. It is impossible to assess this period (the middle Ages) only from a negative point of view. It is possible that the unity of the faith, which in no way been in doubt, saved Europe from Arab conquest. Pagan culture was not able to bring Nations together in unison to repel the enemy — we can see it on the example of the fall of the Roman Empire.

However, we can assert that the middle Ages is a period of stagnation of thought, science and civil liberties. People really have become stupid, and the monks (the learned people) were able to speak only about the Bible, and then in broken Latin. The eroticism was suppressed. A fanatical Christian society really was injured «moral principles» who said that sex is a necessary evil that needed only for procreation.

Let’s move on to antiquity and see that she was quite free in this respect much freer ourselves. The same thing we see in the Renaissance. That is, the two most fruitful period in the history of mankind — a period of corruption and development. People admired the beauty of naked bodies, actively discussed sex, joked about him and strongly contributed to the liberalization of sexual norms. About gays from Greece, you probably already heard. But did you know about courtesans?

The Christian figures recorded in all the courtesans prostitutes, believed them to be the apogee of depravity and lust, the personification of fallen women. However, the ancient Greek hetairai were slightly similar to those of prostitutes, which we see today on the roads — it was women who preferred free sex and could decline it, if the person they did not like. At first they were recruited from the slaves, but then the courtesans became even loose women. They were also educated, so the attitude of the courtesans resembled the attitude of the Japanese geisha. With these women you can talk, discuss poetry, art, politics and, of course, sex. The Institute of prostitutes existed in parallel — this is an interesting feature.

As you can see, sex was a normal action, when the public thought belonged to the Mavericks — the great philosophers and great thinkers. It’s a real tradition that is much older than any monotheistic religion, which reflects on the rules and regulations. If we talk about our civilization, perverse sex was when the power came the myth of original sin.

The fall of morality

But then came the Black death, which killed one third of Europe’s population. If we remember correctly, a plague came to Europe through the port of Florence — the boat with the dead from the Black Sea. No one knew how to deal with this disease — she promised to destroy all. But the plague not only decimated the population of Europe. She did something very important to reset social norms — it has undermined the authority of God. Died poor, priests, nuns, noble people, merchants. Entire monasteries were deserted, and in their place arose a public house. Seriously, brothels in monasteries. People understand that we have to live one day, and sex is the only way for the poor to enjoy life.

As a result, humanity is so crazy that started the Renaissance. The rise of scientific, educational, humanistic thought. Not only do we associate this change with the arrival of the «Black death» — there’s a whole galaxy of researchers who advocate this position (e.g., Professor Evgeny Zharinov). Dogmatic society has lost a fight with a terrible disease, and on its ruins appeared the reality in which we all live. And, of course, this reality naturally turned to antiquity — the era of sexual freedoms. The so-called «anomie» — a period of development where the eroticism again won their rights.

But dogmatic society is not willing to give up completely. Now we are witnessing a battle on all fronts. First, because we live in a very small world. For example, of Arab civilization in General had taken a different turn — she pulls the blanket over himself with his Sharia. Christianity has undergone significant changes, but it remains true to itself is a traditional monotheistic religion that wants to keep society the way it is necessary to maintain its viability. Asia is a different story. But if we look at popular culture and advertising, we will see that everything is in favor of erotic Renaissance.If you look at the picture of the world with these eyes, it becomes clear that it is hardly possible reality where the erotic, pornography and the sex will be fully justified. This should disappear many cultural and social structures that are firmly rooted in man. And most importantly — it should disappear itself.

Suppressed desires

Here we want to escape from the historical topics and civilization choice. Let’s look at ourselves — each of us has a mind that is determined by the conscious and the subconscious. Sex occurred well before the moment when we began to understand something. He was always in our ancient ancestors. But the mind has appeared relatively recently. The subconscious stores information about our animal, primitive state, a time when the desire to have sex is the main motivation of life. The conflict between the subconscious and consciousness is manifested in different ways, but many psychologists agree on the opinion that most of the conflicts that provoke neurotic state of depression and just a bad mood, come from suppressed sexual desire.

Sigmund Freud, slandered on all sides, first began to cover this topic for the General public. His work was continued by other psychologists who did not take all issues sexual attachment to mother and father. In the end, thanks to the efforts of many talented psychologists today have developed more or less coherent concept of psychology, which actually sees a lot of the problems of modern society in the suppression of sexual desire. In other words — don’t fuck that rage.

And really, if people cannot satisfy themselves in sex, what to do, how to deal with the very phenomenon of sex, because it is «indecent»?

Can be, for example, the Deputy of the State Duma and to broadcast their psychological pathology all over the country. You will hear the same people who want sex, but no one gives them — they’ll be your flock, which will say: «we Have no problem with sex! It you have a problem with him, so close PornHub!». It’s done — sex is considered a bad topic for discussion. «What these educators and philosophers? You can read the children!». That’s the whole story.

Interestingly, such a view cannot reach the top in Western countries where people treat all this easier, although they have plenty of other problems. If you start to ask too many questions, you just say, «Europe is spiritually degrading!». But the truth is that in Western countries people been to understand what sex is, how to resolve sexual problems, and why is writing about sex and talking about sex is good. It is possible that the positive role played by culture, sexual education in schools, and perhaps — a strong psychological industry, which is not fed pills every «insane» and tries to understand and guide. We would like you to remember that sex is the norm, which traces its history of normality since the days of Plato and Demosthenes.

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