Italian seismologists were sentenced to six years in prison

You need to answer for your words, friend, always! Here in ancient times, for example, oracles that made the wrong prediction, was sentenced to death. Now, of course, society unfortunately tends to humanism, but you can still demand justice.

Six seismologists and one official were convicted of mass murder and misrepresentation.

5 April 2009 l’aquila earthquake with a capacity of six points. Died not much is not enough 309 (!) and was completely destroyed historical city center. In addition, six months before the tragedy was manifested by increased seismic activity.

31 Mar 2009 the specialists who were part of the quickly assembled a Commission to evaluate the serious risks (Serious Risks Commission) held a press-conference dedicated to the extremely inconvenient situation in the district. Bernardo De Bernardinis (Bernardo De Bernardinis), former Deputy head of the protection service to the citizens of Italy and part of the same accused in the near future, the official said that seismic activity «favorable» and not to worry. Of course in court he had met and said that was referring to the lack of necessary information (which in fact it was necessary to collect, man). Bernardo also noted that these data (or rather the lack thereof) he took out two articles of his colleagues and news reports Agency ANSA. The other defendants in court said the same thing.

The court attracted a lot of attention, scientists from around the world write letters in defense of their colleagues, because it does not say, but absolute accuracy in forecasts of any nature is impossible to achieve. On the other hand, to take responsibility for their words is a good thing.

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