Italian mafia six months cosplay chef in St. Petersburg

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2015_s9u8l4OWhUcBrWhile the world watched first in the new Millennium Eclipse, in St. Petersburg, boiled serious Italian passion with the participation of the mafia.

Nicolo di Mauro, nicknamed the Wooden Head, which was wanted by the police of Rome, the six months he worked at the pizzeria St. Petersburg TRK «Raduga» for the chef. He is a member of the legendary Italian clan, Fasiani included in the so-called Cosa Nostra. Crime family controlled the lovely province of Ostia, where there is access to the sea. And he Nikolo, who was one of the first people in the clan already long ago, brings a lot of problems in Italian law. For example, in 2009, Nicolo was arrested after a police seizure of 3.5 tons of cocaine and hashish. It is also known as the curator of the largest drug trafficking and economic Advisor of the clan. Nicolo was responsible for the «protection» of the family, Fasiani the most profitable restaurants, cafes and shops in the resort province of Rome. After the entire clan, Fasiani was arrested and found a link with the ill-fated Cosa Nostra, and the «father» of this family sat for 28 years, Nicholas found nothing better than to hide in Russia.

For fellow Italian such a turn came as a shock. Nobody suspected that behind the mask of the pleasant, sociable guy, speaks passable Russian, is hiding the real culprit. But most of all, workers upset by the fact that such an unusual chef is no longer going to work, because Nicolo was well prepared not only pizza, but also a great lasagna and risotto. And customers have always praised it pizza-repudiation di Mauro.

When employees of the Interpol have come for Di Mauro, he’s like a real mafia, do not get confused, joked and even offered uninvited guests to enjoy fresh food. However, they flatly refused, and hastened to proceed to the extradition of an Italian from Russia to their homeland.

Colleagues and all who came in contact with Mauro, really miss, because the time spent in St. Petersburg, he became his own and even started rooting for the St. Petersburg Zenit. But Nicolo had not forgotten who he is, and constantly studied and practiced. It seems to be in good shape and to escape from the police. But those turned out to be trickier.

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