It was burning, like Tabasco

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2014_qkoPjYcVAfoCERemember how last summer vypustil liter of water, once poured himself half a tin of Tabasco on a hamburger? Although, it is unlikely you would survive such sharpness. This sauce is definitely not for those children who are wary of pepper and adjika. If you love witty and hotter, this brand creates its product for people like you.

If you compare with local producers, it may seem that Tabasco is a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it. Until the end of the barbecue season, well at least in the city where is located our cozy edition, you can have time to enjoy this sauce with hot and juicy meat from the grill. But in the winter it will keep you warm, without a doubt, it will not leave you in the cold night of the feast. Stop talking nonsense, surely you’re dying to know the history of this burning brand.

Just note that Tabasco sauce is one of the few products that has not changed its recipe since the beginning of production. There is only one place on earth where is created this is the coolest sauce — Avery island (Louisiana), southern United States, if you do not know. The brand was created during the Civil war and his Creator was not some big-time chef of the modern restaurant, a bankrupt banker, Makalani. After the outbreak of hostilities he had lost his fortune and moved into the wilderness, where in its possession turned out to be salt lake.

Salt is the perfect place for pepper growing Tabasco. Of course, once already, Makalani was fabulously rich, it was hard for him to adapt in poverty and that the hands grow from where they are supposed to and the head was a very fertile place. The first seeds of hot peppers, Makalani received from a soldier of the Confederacy, visited in Mexico. Of course, Makalani immediately began large-scale production, he has grown pepper for myself.

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2014_g2aNf0h0Kir1vBut how was born the recipe of the famous sauce? There are two versions and nobody knows which one is really correct. First: Makalani spent a lot of time for various experiments trying to get this taste; second: actually he just forgot the pepper in the solution for a few days. The solution is as simple as the sauce. Makalani took salt from our own mine, high quality vinegar and put the peppers. That’s the whole recipe for success.

Makalani, immediately realized that he was not the only one who wants to ennoble the taste of fresh food, it was time to release the miracle sauce to the masses. The first batch of sauce was released in bottles of Cologne. The sauce was considered too concentrated, so it was just to spray on food. Until the end of the year had sold almost 400 bottles. In the new year, orders came pouring in. Once again we can see that at the time the money is made at all, although now a loophole there.

First, the legendary sauce called «sauce, made by Mr. Makalani», and his name is Tabasco, he received in 1870, when Makalani patented his creation. Now, tab stood on each table. And the Royal family for lunch and the soldiers to eat. As for the name «Tabasco», it was not won the easy way. Several other brands were fighting for it’s loud and already touted name.

There was even a court and war was no joke. But in the end, Makalani was able to win the name for their brand, even though it was charged that he did this dishonestly, as through connections and bribes, but what matters is that now you can enjoy this hot sauce at any convenient moment for you, you have just taxied into the first supermarket. Don’t think Tabasco is the only red hot chilli pepper, the company regularly releases new flavors. There is a sauce for any guy, even for those who do not like sharp and burning.


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