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manygoodtips.com_24.07.2015_w2rv8iZNNY983In a dark corner littered with little room sits an old and grumbles: «the Generation now is not then, that in our time so do not do, do differently, do better, the sausage was the ruble, and the girls were neat and well-mannered. What’s going on with the world, where are we going?»

Comes to the absurd: man maybe even 20 years is not fulfilled, and he will say that «youth is not the same». It’s really funny! And you didn’t do in his youth nonsense, do you ever have mistakes? Than you correct others?

The world is moving and changing, and changing lives. What seemed interesting to us in the past, for modern people may be total boring. This does not mean that people fundamentally changed? They are, as before, those torn by passions that fall into a stupor from the inevitable problems and dream of a beautiful life. The essence of man is unchanged. Take the guy from the middle ages, and it also will want to eat, sleep and have sex. Just like we are.

However, the slightest misunderstanding causes us to label people in different ways. Someone else, even in meager proportions, always scary. People love themselves too. So happens to be the eternal «the grass is greener, the sun brighter and the apples are delicious». Of course, this will continue to happen. In old age we will remember the good moments of life, completely forgetting all the trouble that met us at the age of 20. Become one of the grumblers, and the same will drive the young people. Or will not? To keep a human face is possible only if we and the old age will be fun, if we actively interact with the world, to understand it. So removed from society is not necessary, it can badly affect our perception of it. Although it happens sometimes that companies get bored with an early age.

However, old people can understand. They are generally among the young hard times. «To old men here not a place» – very revealing and honest film. Surprised by the people who lived quite a bit, but trying to teach their fellow mind. Age is wisdom, he does not add. However, advice from the old one, in our opinion, it is still possible to hear at least a sign of respect, advice from any student who really anything in my life can not solve, but because the purpose of his savoretti – just to speak, to give a portion of the dissatisfaction that does not necessarily listen to. Yes, and they can be useful, especially if the topic is narrow professional field. But when was the last time you received good advice from a friend? Such cases can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

But we digress from the topic. When a person is not an object for hatred, indignation, when he has no «counterweight», it is a destructive energy aims at a completely mindless activity – a charge all the troubles of modern society. Mostly gets young, because these young (Oh the horror!) don’t want to live by the old rules that were acceptable to the old world. New generation prefer to make their own mistakes, the old techniques do not work with them, and they’re watching «old» a lot more see their way of life flaws than his.

So, please, leave me alone you have those dudes that have just embarked on the journey of life. No, the prostitutes did not, just the concept of «prostitute» has changed, and therefore to stigmatize the word girls in short skirts sucks. No, men are not extinct, just men faced new problems that were solved much easier. And this will, of course, there will be new troubles, but now we have no idea.

It is not necessary to adjust the world for themselves, still will not work. You can rejoice in the fact that we already have. Previously, there was better – it had been different, that’s the whole truth. Much more interesting to think about what will happen next, right? For example, a newly found exoplanet is so cool! That’s the planet that with high probability there is life. In our opinion, is much more interesting than sausage «randalcat».

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