It is good to be fat

manygoodtips.com_17.05.2016_oeNQerZgjyVFBDo not understand this Ministry! Then they cry that the fullness is bad, and any deviation from the norm of body mass index – a blasphemous crime against humanity. On the contrary, foaming at the mouth telling about the latest research, unexpectedly found advantages in excess weight. Doctors do not understand, anyway, much more important is the social aspect. In the era of mass insanity on Sage when even round cheeks Jennifer Lawrence is considered a complete, heroes of bacon and chocolate, for whom all this is nothing more than simple stupidity. All of this confusion gave rise to a lot of false stereotypes in which we try to understand, at the same time to answer the question and tried to answer more Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol: who is right and who is wrong?

Full good people

That much of the fat enriched the flesh easier to work out a happy hormone, and for this reason fat people are supposedly gentle and cute, like a pillow. Nasty words from them will not hear, and they can only strike if angry. Supposedly it all depends on hormonal levels, which affects mood, and full of people with it a full order. They are happy, well fed, happy, not that scrawny offspring.

But at the thought of my tight friends in my mind a question arises: whether they have hormonal not like normal fat people, the theory itself is lying. Create more bitchy than a friend outstanding size, I’ve never met. The person who is trying to stab everyone who she doesn’t like (such as 80 percent of the population), which tries to Express what she thinks about it (and she doesn’t think anything good about people who have arms, legs, ears and nose), scaring people who had it, bigger than Cerberus Greek sinners.Her boyfriend is exactly the same: on its soft belly, you can develop a colony to a tribe of peaceful dwarfs, because only they can force him not to jump on people. One time he just almost hit a passerby because he was too hipster and went with the typewriter in his hands. But you say, «good-natured»… I have them in one company with other people call can not, because they all these people rip savage irony, as though she breaks the old shorts on a small cloth, – methodically and selfless.

Body weight helps in the fight you know, the famous American poet Jim Morrison at the end of life has become as big and soulful, like a whale:

«So it’s been three months, and by the end I was weighing 84 kilos. And I felt great! I felt like a large mammal, a real beast! When I was walking down the hall or across the meadow, I realized that I could carry from his path anyone!»

After such statements and sung in the film fat people come to believe that the extra weight gives an advantage in a fight. «Take, for sumo,» says one. But really! Only at sumo, in spite of the luxurious pieces, and even special training there. The principle of sumo is to accelerate their dvohsotkilohramovi carcass to the rate of appearance of the Higgs boson and push your opponent outside the circle. That is, they are taught to manage the «nothing diet», converting mass into trouble for opponents.

In a world full of people also trying to use a lot, mainly to overcome, to overwhelm and to crush the offender. But this is not always effective. A good blow to the jaw can give even a Stas Beleckogo even before he finished saying the phrase: «what are You doing, wolf?!»

Completeness is not in itself unhealthy

If the completeness in itself, from nature, was harmful to us, then the weight loss would bring countless health improvements. But in fact, strong weight loss does not guarantee dramatic improvements.

In fact, overweight people are more likely to survive acute cardiovascular diseases and statistically less likely to suffer from cancer.

In the end, the alternation of diet – archibaseplanet thing, and while some dream to lose weight, puffing at the gym, somewhere in the corner crying turds, who can’t seem to gain weight.

American scientists have shown that the harmfulness of «completeness» depends on genetic factors. If a person is genetically active concentrations of adipose tissue, artificially becoming «skinny», he risks very much to harm your health. And the results of some studies indicate that overweight people are much less likely to suffer from respiratory diseases and Alzheimer’s disease, and they have less pains in the liver.

However, the more fat person is harder to stay healthy than skinny. Fat people are usually embarrassed to go to the pools, fitness clubs, various sections and even in medical facilities, fear of ridicule.

The other side of completeness

manygoodtips.com_17.05.2016_5CjgQagDJ7qbYHowever, it is not necessary to praise the Nightingale trills weight. Everywhere should be a happy medium and common sense, and so all the delights of the state of the «bold and beautiful» to screw the harmful health effects of obesity. Maybe the risk of cardiovascular diseases and reduced, but risk for spine all the same great bones aching under the extra weight. The work of the digestive system obese people often can be characterized by the phrase: «To wear». In extreme cases, fat accumulates even the heart.

In the end, drastically reduces endurance. Ask your busy friends to climb before you walk to the fifth floor, he will cease to communicate with you, because for him it is like the conquest of Djamalungma with the same multiple stops.

In the end, the fact that excess weight says about failures in the body. How many people in the world who every day eat like the soldiers, vacation home, and they though henna. Factors such as age, genetics, living conditions, previous experience of diets, affect the figure that is displayed on the scales. It is, as a rule, in metabolism and activity. If a person moves a lot, active and often stressed, it is more than «burns» calories, so gluttons have among lean, among full.

Thick less attractive

You can argue which is better – a raised body or a cute tummy, one may cite the example of ladies who fanateyut from the male overweight, but the reality is that the majority believes the sportiness and cattle more acceptable. Actually, MZ, too.

Fashion changes: once full of people was a model of sexuality, because full man hungry man. But in a society where consciously expel gluten from wheat, all very different. Slim guys, like ladies, it is easier to get their place under the sun and fight for the ladies ‘ attention than owning a cushion of tenderness and love under the solar plexus. Even Cartman is touched.

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