It all goes to hell? And it’s good

Each had a case when he clutched his head, tore the hair apart and told something like: «Chief, all is lost!» We believe that there is a situation of which the release or not, or it is not obvious. But we are very wrong in your emotional shock.

In any bad situation, the knowledge of two extremely useful things can save your nerves and life. First thing: any experience is an experience. Second: in each situation, you can find the output corresponding to at least the principle «of two evils.» But even if in our head long enough settled these true concepts, we still omit the head when it happens that’s really bad. Or what seems to us bad. We completely forget about logic and focus on their problem and suffering.Critical analysis and search of solution is not for us.

In any strange or bad situations focus on critical thinking, which will give you every reason to believe that even in the shit to find the diamonds. Seriously, in the worst situation there are several things that can even be called remarkable. Don’t believe?

1. You know how to handle conflict

Unfortunately, we have to admit that a lot of people are not able to solve even the simplest conflict, as people, not as kids or psycho guys. Like adequate adult guys, but when it comes to confrontation, they suddenly turn into the controversial grandmothers or children in a sandbox fight over a destroyed sand turrets. We are not so often there were conflicts, but even more rarely we try to allocate from the situation a valuable lesson because the more enthusiastic proof of his innocence and the timbre of his voice in a totally non-constructive dialogue. Now you will understand that to evade the conflict itself is quite masculine.

2. You will understand that to recover from something bad is not as unreal as it seemed

A huge mistake many people in the belief that every bad event in their life leaves in their souls and hearts huge holes accurately in a high-quality cheese. But even bigger mistake is to be sure that these holes will not last. In fact, the human mind and memory – the thing is damned selective and renewable. First, we think that our situation is a complete shit, what’s worse can not be, but time passes, and we sincerely do not understand why this change us so much then gnaw. This is complete nonsense! Still have the scars? There was nothing left. Here it is possible to draw an analogy with a very strong cut the hands of a very sharp knife. First blood hits hard, then the wound is delayed in an ugly scar, but then he disappears completely, even a trace as a reminder remains.

3. You realize all the grace of fortitude

We constantly underestimate the power of the spirit, we don’t even fully understand what it is. But, having overcome a particular situation, you can look back and realize that was able to completely or partially get rid of the heavy, dangerous burden.

4. You will see the real faces of people

The one who had seemed good suddenly will finally turn into a complete asshole, but you’re a long time did not notice, suddenly be a good person. When you’re down, friends will support you, and ljetovaliste run exactly rats from a sinking ship. Someone is disappointed, and someone will be pleasantly surprised, but it’s honesty, as it is useful a bitter pill.

5. You’ll know what to do savings are very right

Few can boast that they make savings. Many even banal stash to do not. For some reason, the word «postpone», we present a hoarder of «Dead souls» which, frankly, didn’t look decent. We prefer to spend rather than save. Live one day, right?

When it’s bad, you realize that even five thousand rubles set aside for a «rainy day» could make the situation much better. Stupid crash may have not learned anything, but people with critical thinking will understand that the stash is very correct, but wrong is to spend thoughtlessly. If intelligent beasts make stocks for the winter, why should a person be a spendthrift? Be rational, learn to save!

6. You will learn to rise under pressure

So you will know what pressure really is possible to grow and not be crushed. Change often rolled on quickly and without much warning. You’re not ready for a new change, but the extent of your preparedness, no one asked.

You realize that «be prepared» is more often than not, planning many moves ahead, but just realize that shit happens. This is a very clever phrase, which explains a lot. There are many factors that affect us and cannot be controlled, but the most important of these is other people. We cannot control them all. Just go with it. Need to grow, in spite of that, like a flower in the asphalt. Why? Because I need to grow.

7. You know what it’s like to make a decision now

Often we are afraid to make decisions because it is responsibility, and responsibility is scary: suddenly choose something, and it’ll backfire? The worst types of decisions – decisions that need to be taken quickly. A bad situation will teach you to make a choice immediately. We exaggerate, of course, but a lot of time you definitely will not.

In fact, in the operational decision-making, there is nothing wrong. What to make a choice in a normal situation, but without the ability to think long. Perhaps this will teach you not to delay and to quickly evaluate all the output of this big equation. A wonderful skill.

8. This is an opportunity to look at the situation from a different angle

From you gone girl? Perhaps she was not as perfect as your relationship? You lost your job? But it’s worth it at all? Your friends were not the best people? Why did you decide that they’re friends, not friends with whom you frequently communicate? We are accustomed to certain criteria, one of the points of view, but a lot of them. The truth is one.

The ability to look at the situation from different angles without the pink haze – what is given to special people and those who have experienced unpleasant events correctly. And what you want.

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