Isao Yamazaki — the owner of the world’s largest collection Nintendo


Dude, the hero of this article of course popular. But in the narrow circles. In these circles it is popular almost as popular as brad pitt or some other famous actor.

Isao Yamazaki has collected during his life, the largest collection of items related to Nintendo, in the world. By the way, Dendy, which was included in the childhood of many bro — this is a Chinese clone of Nintendo, and it means that this man will be pleasant to us.

Japanese lives in Tokyo and works as a regular web developer. It is impossible to name precisely for this reason nerd: because he has a job. He is a collector. First love consoles and accessories from Nintendo ICAO imbued in early childhood, 30 years ago. The first items in the collection of the guy of steel erasers with characters games.

Collection ICAO has since grown exponentially and became the largest in the world. Moreover, in 2007, ICAO has managed to establish a Museum Nntendo.

In the collection there are different toy characters games such as Donkey Kong, Mega man, Mario, Ledend of Zelda and much much more. Also ICAO is a deck of playing cards that was released 100 years ago (!!). The fact that prior to do all sorts Dendy, Nintendo Wii and other devices, in 1889, the company produced playing cards! It was founded as the time in 1889. Here’s her long story, friend, and most of the world knows her only by Dendy. Shame on us!

The most rare specimens in the collection of ICAO can be considered a Famicom (clone Dendy) autographed by its Creator Masayuki Uemura, the disc Writer — a thing which was only released in Japan and were applied to census data from cartridge to disk and a deck of first cards issued by the company.

In the collection the guy has all the famous game consoles, joysticks, accessories, toys, rare games, just games, consoles, type Virtual Boy, which became serious oversights in the history of the company. In 2007 ICAO has realized his dream: met with the President of the company.

The most notable items in the collection can be considered a stroller for moms and the love tester. Only did Nintendo in my life!

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