Is to stand out from the crowd?


Good day! It is easy to notice that the Internet often encourages the diversity of all individuality, so to say, from what most people wants to stand out in any way. So the question is, is it really worth to strive to be special? Thank you.

The answer

Hmm, very interesting question, thank you for it. The most amazing thing in this whole subject that it is difficult to answer unequivocally. It is a feature? Behavior? You can spoil for yourself, as G. G. Allin, but is this normal? The guys from Cologne who really want to become German citizens, I feel so special that I can afford everything. Everything. Some men dress up in extravagant outfits a La «concert outfits Sergey Penkin», purely to stand out. But so special it can only be a rock star or designer. They can be forgiven, it is the image. In other cases, you will not understand. This is called shocking, and you can plenty to shock, though the de-virginator to my forehead and attach it to pretend to be a unicorn. If you like it then please, for what? What do you mean? And what is the reaction you expect?

In the middle of the last century free artists thus called on the society to throw off the shackles of snobbery and unnecessary rules. And costumed clowns called? Probably to the beating. Smart people stand out not the outfit, and intelligence.

Well, you’ll get your share of notoriety, as Stas Baretsky and all. So to answer your question: just be yourself. Note in the gray mass is always the same problem. And the recipe from most of them – be yourself. Sometimes this desire suddenly comes under the guise of a midlife crisis. Then you and life will be lived happily, and you will remember forever. And do things just because «so accepted»: to go to College, to dress fashionably, to discuss cars with friends, feeling nothing for the auto industry is complete nonsense, devouring you from the inside. You could get yourself accustomed to it, and can live as you like. Then the eggs to the pavement will not have to kill. In the end, our lives basically change people who don’t like the others.

Just do not need to turn in the uniform of the nonconformist. It is better to have a daughter of a prostitute, than the son of a nonconformist. To deny everything, even what you like with the aim to stand out… In a conformist lack the courage to break out of the vicious circle routine. His opponent of the non-conformist courage is, it is all so independent that I want to vomit. And just a poser and a hypocrite. The conformist is also a hypocrite, for it expresses the desired idea, not his, he will even go to rally, because we need. But as they say, lesser of two evils, we aim both to fuck.

So do not put a goal to stand out, to be brighter than the other. Just be yourself. Please.

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